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How to Install a Greenhouse Covering

Tips for Installing a Greenhouse Covering

When covering your greenhouse, be sure to follow all directions and guidelines to ensure that your covering is properly installed and will effectively protect your greenhouse. It is best to install your covering in the early morning hours with little or no wind.

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Locking Channels

Aluminum locking channels are recommended for securing Tufflite to the structure. Direct contact of the polyethylene with PVC pipe is not advocated.


If you are having trouble with the poly (PE) slipping into the lock, the problem could either be with the poly or with the lock. First, try sliding a narrow strip of PE running the length of the greenhouse into the lock to provide extra bulk. If the lock is the problem, roughing the contact points of the lock with very fine (240 or 260) sandpaper may also be helpful.

Secure Installation

When using wire lock, do not snap it into the aluminum channel. Rather, wiggle it back and forth and gently work it into the channel.

Applying Sheeting or Tubing

Apply two layers of sheeting or one roll of tubing to form an air space (bubble) in areas where wind imposes repeated stress. Single-layer installations may not have sufficient resistance to wind damage due to repeated flexing. Growers use a single layer at their own risk. It is important when introducing the air into the bubble that it is blown in obliquely rather than directly on the film. This is why we sell a deflector with every inflation blower.

After Installation

Avoid surface contact or extended exposure of the covering to herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and more specifically, bromine, chlorine, fluorine, iodine, sulfur, petroleum and/or wood preservatives containing copper.