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Mike Marett

Co-Owner & Operations

Mike Marett, co-owner of Rimol Greenhouse Systems, joined Bob in 1999 when the business expanded to become a manufacturer of greenhouse structures.

Mike grew up in a small Midwestern town just south of Cleveland, Ohio.  As a teenager, he worked on farms and developed an interest in agriculture and growing.  Mike graduated from Ohio State University, and afterward spent six years on active duty in the U.S. Navy as well as a number of years in the Naval Reserve.  Mike’s experiences in the Navy led him towards a career path involving manufacturing, quality control and operations.

Now, Mike and his wife Cindy live in Southern New Hampshire with their three children, Ryan, Amanda and Jordan.  When the Marett children and the Rimol children were young, a close friendship developed between the two families.  As Mike learned more about the values and goals of Rimol Greenhouse Systems, an inevitable merging of the minds occurred when Mike joined Bob in 1999 to further the mission of the company.

Mike always keeps busy, with family as his top priority.  He can often be found gardening or doing yard work, and he enjoys growing and selling vegetables from his own garden during the summer.  Mike also enjoys golfing, camping and other outdoor activities.