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Bauman's Farm Market- Webster, NY- July 2011

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Bauman's Farm Market - Webster, New York

Bauman’s Farm Market is located in Webster, New York, just four miles from downtown Rochester.  Bauman’s is the quintessential farm market in a suburban environment that deals directly with consumers that yearn for fresh produce, flowers and seasonal items.

Bauman’s began in 1908, and has grown into a 280-acre farm with a seasonal farm market.  Currently, some of the crops grown on the farm include rhubarb, strawberries, peas, pumpkins, corn, cut flowers and Christmas trees.  Some of the crops are sold on a wholesale basis to grocery stores such as Wegmans, while other crops are sold at the farm stand on their property.  The farm market is open seasonally from May 1st through Christmas, and is busiest in the spring and fall.

Jim Bauman, his wife Barbara, and their five kids manage the farm and divide up the responsibilities on both a part-time and full-time basis of employment.  On the farm, the pick your own (PYO) is very popular in the May and June, and in December, their Christmas tree business attracts customers.

Today, Bauman’s grows over one million plants in several types of greenhouses offered by Rimol Greenhouse Systems.  The Matterhorn gutter connected greenhouse is fantastic for growing hanging baskets, and provides a very nice shopping environment for their customers.  The 30 foot wide Nor’ Easters are also used for growing, and the 15 foot wide Catamount cold frames serve as over wintering greenhouses.

Since Bauman’s is the closest farm to downtown Rochester, they do not need to promote Agri-Tourism to attract the crowds.  Their complete farm market offers fresh vegetables, flowers, homemade fudge and fresh cider.  In 1964, Bauman’s built a corn stalk tepee, which has become somewhat of a seasonal trademark for them when Autumn arrives every year.  Today, they are iconic in their community and continue to grow and expand their business in a responsible way.