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10 Tips For Planning Your Cannabis Greenhouse Build

Achieving the very best structural design for your cannabis greenhouse takes a lot of careful thought as to where, when, how, and why you’re using a greenhouse for your cannabis grow. For most growers, it’s important to consider a few highly important elements before starting on your cannabis greenhouse project.

Building Your Cannabis Greenhouse

When it comes to actually building your cannabis greenhouse structure, it’s critical to know exactly what your grow space will require in terms of stability, environmental controls, and protection from the wind and weather. Here are a few pieces of advice to help you move forward with your build:

  1. One size does not fit all. Every project needs its own careful consideration; what worked for your neighbor’s cannabis greenhouse setup may not work for yours.

  2. Don’t make your build more complicated than it needs to be. Stay simple, stay focused, and stay within your timeline so you don’t get bogged down sweating the small stuff.

  3. A cannabis greenhouse may be a controlled environment, but it’s almost never a perfect environment. This is important to keep in mind during the colder months of the year and in locations that experience more extreme weather and temperature shifts.

  4. Don’t underestimate your construction costs. Most growers can expect extremely strict requirements from building code officials that may result in higher overall costs to build your cannabis greenhouse.

  5. Keep your construction timeline realistic and attainable. You should plan to finish construction in a reasonable amount of time - don’t drag it out, but don’t sell yourself short on time either.

  6. Be ready to anticipate changes and adjustments within your greenhouse after you begin growing. Things change, and you’ll need to change right along with them.

  7. Your best choices for cannabis greenhouses may be freestanding and gutter connected styles, which are the most common choice for cannabis production. You should choose whichever style works best for your designated grow space.

  8. Be aware of your area’s snow and wind load requirements, which will help you to pick a structure suitable for your location. There are few feelings worse than walking out to your greenhouse in the middle of the winter and finding you’ve lost your plants to a bad snowstorm.

  9. When planning doors and entrances for your cannabis greenhouse, consider security and material handling. While you want an entrance that’s easy to access, you’ll also want one that keeps out uninvited guests.

  10. Heating, cooling, and environmental control requires smart design and reliable upkeep. While conventional environmental controls will often work just fine, there are plenty of ways to get the harvest you’re hoping for.

With the right planning and a solid timetable in place, you can get your cannabis greenhouse ready to produce full, amazing harvests in no time.

Keep Your Grow Going with Rimol

We know a thing or two about providing the right grow space for your most valuable crops. If you’re ready to get your cannabis greenhouse in the ground and producing high-quality harvests, get in touch and we’ll help get you started on the path to success.