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5 Reasons Why Financing Your Greenhouse Is A Great Option

Whether you’re a highly experienced grower or a new entry to the gardening world, one thing remains constant: you’re going to need the right equipment to get your grow to where it needs to be. Often, that means getting yourself set up in a greenhouse, where you can keep your crops growing all year long.

But what if your need is bigger than your budget?

For many growers out there, the thought of investing in ownership of a greenhouse system may simply be too much of a burden all at once. All too often, growers choose to forgo the resources they need simply because their initial budget can’t support the investment - and we think it’s time that changed.

That’s why we’re proud to offer a new range of financing, leasing, and rental options for growers of all experience levels - from those just getting in the ground to those looking to up their grow to the next level. If you’re considering getting a new greenhouse system for your farm, garden, or growing operation, here are some of the biggest benefits you’ll find when it comes to financing your greenhouse.

1. Get Your Grow Going Faster

Greenhouses may be able to keep crops at a healthy and manageable temperature all year long, but installation of your system is still dependant on the seasons - meaning there’s a specific time of year to get your grow up and operational.

That’s why it doesn’t pay to wait when it comes to setting up your greenhouse - you need to get your posts in the ground and your crops growing sooner, rather than later. That’s where financing comes in, helping you get the greenhouse equipment you need now, without having to wait until your budget catches up.

With a smart payment plan and low down payments, we make it easy for you to get your hands on the greenhouse system and technology you need today, and to plan for future payments on a reasonable and predictable path forward. That way, you can get your grow going without missing the best of the season.

2. Equip Yourself With The Latest And Greatest Tech

Tomorrow’s greenhouses won’t be run by yesterday’s tech. With each passing year, we see new advances in technology in all aspects of the growing process, from temperature control to humidity measurement to automation of your greenhouse’s most important functions.

If you want to keep your system up-to-date to the latest and greatest tech offerings, financing can help you get your hands on the equipment you need without landing a massive blow to your short-term budget.

Simply pick the equipment you need and set a payment plan that works for you. That way, you won’t be left in the dark (or with outdated equipment) when the next big breakthrough comes in to make your grow more efficient.

3. Save Money By Avoiding Depreciation

Anyone who’s ever bought a new car only to watch its value decrease the minute you drive it off the lot knows the pain of depreciation. For greenhouses, the same can often be true: once it’s in the ground and a little dirty, you may find the value has dropped more than what it was worth right out of the box.

That’s why leasing or renting your greenhouse can offer an excellent way for growers to get all the benefits of a new greenhouse system without having to worry about depreciation.

By agreeing to pay regular rental payments rather than one big upfront down payment, you set yourself up to avoid the cost of depreciation with each purchase - especially helpful for those growers looking to change out or improve their system on a regular basis.

4. Enjoy Unique Tax Incentives

The need for capable, productive growers and gardeners has long been recognized as valuable to our society, and many municipalities are willing to step up and assist growers of all experience levels when it comes to finances.

That’s why we’re happy to help growers who lease or rent our greenhouses for even just a $1 loan apply for unique tax incentives available to those growers utilizing greenhouses for growing purposes.

Tax incentives in the U.S. offered under IRS tax code Section 179 help to relieve some of the financial burden on growers looking to upgrade their growing program.

This unique tax benefit gives growers access to upgraded tools to better compete in a crowded market space, all while encouraging those considering a career in agriculture an easier way to get set up with the equipment they need to be successful.

5. Put Yourself On The Path To Greenhouse Ownership

While we try to make it as easy as possible to rent or lease your greenhouse system for only as long as you need it, we also recognize that there are some growers who learn to really love working with the tools they’ve got.

That’s why we always offer our customers the option to apply up to 70% of lease payments toward the purchase of your equipment at any time. That means the money you would otherwise spend simply to rent can be put toward actual ownership, all while maintaining a steady payment plan to fit your budget in the way that fits best for you.

Or, if you’d simply like to keep your lease going, all you need to do is say so - we make it easy to renew your lease at the same rate whenever you need. And if you’re not 100% satisfied with your rental, you can always trade it out for something better when your lease is up; we’ll even help you figure out a better solution.

Don’t Wait Around For A Windfall. Get Growing Today!

We know the challenge of making room in a budget for a greenhouse grow because we’re growers ourselves - and all too often, we see fellow growers and gardeners forgo the tools they need because last year’s bad harvest set them back. With these new financing options, we’re hoping to put a stop to that cycle and to get everyone who needs one into the right greenhouse for their grow.

If you’re ready to get your greenhouse, get in touch and let’s figure out a financing option that will work for you - because no grower should have to miss the growing season just because you can’t afford a down payment.

Together, We Grow!