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5 Revolutionary Ways That Greenhouses Are Changing the World

Where before these places had to import crops into the country and send money out, those days are a thing of the past. This means more money staying in these local economies, fewer natural resources utilized to transport those items, and, of course, fresher and tastier food.

These examples and the five that follow show that there are innovative solutions – beyond just season extension – aiming to help save the world with a greenhouse.

Increasing urban farming

Cultivating, processing, and distributing food where the highest levels of consumption take place just makes sense. In New York, one of the largest populations of consumers in the world, urban farms in the form of greenhouses are now dotting the skyline and giving a whole new meaning to the Big Apple. So much so that there are now more rooftop farms in the City than Starbucks. And other cities like Chicago and Montreal are not far behind.

Creating renewable water sources

In Africa, where severe drought chokes off a population of millions from any viable source of potable water, this greenhouse will soon help provide a much-needed water source. This self-sustaining system just so happens to produce much-needed food as well.

While this technology is still in the making, there are other options to consider if conserving water is something that you care about (and we all really, really should care about this). One option is a rainwater catch system for your growing operation.

Repurposing space 

Not to be outdone is this wintertime pop up park in Boise. What makes this park stand out from the rest? During the offseason at Edwards Greenhouse, which is also the dead of winter in some of the coldest weather in the country, this greenhouse becomes a public indoor garden. Included in this surreal park is luscious grass, benches, trees, bulbs in bloom, and bright murals on the wall. As the Edwards philosophy goes: “Being around living plants in the wintertime helps cure many woes.”

Growing Out of Trouble

In Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania there is a greenhouse that helps at-risk youth get a taste of growing plants as rehab. The Diakon Wilderness Center also helps these troubled youth to build skills and knowledge that will improve their future employability. This is a type of diversion program to get their lives back on track. Let’s double down and say that these young gardeners are also doing a great service for local gardeners seeking native Pennsylvanian plants.

Saving Chocolate!

According to the International Cocoa Organization, West Africa produces nearly three quarters of the world’s cocoa. As goes the cocoa industry there, so too does the entire stability of the region. The high concentration of cocoa producers in the area means that one plants exposure to disease could ruin the livelihoods of millions of workers. Thousands of miles away, there is a steamy greenhouse just 40 miles west of London producing disease-resistant varieties of cocoa to ensure this never occurs. Chocoholics rejoice!

Do you know of more inspiring greenhouse success stories? We’d love to hear them! Share them below and let’s show all that a little innovative thinking and a greenhouse can accomplish.