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Check Out our Germination Box

Our germination box was designed by John Wells, from our sales department. John used left over greenhouse parts, a one inch square steel frame and angle brackets found at Home Depot. He also used polycarbonate and aluminum glazing for outside coverage.

The germination box weighs about fifty pounds and its dimensions are thirty inches high, four feet wide and eight feet long. All together, the box can hold sixteen, eleven inch by twenty two inch trays comfortably. But what really makes our germination box shine, are the excellent growing conditions!

Inside our germination box you can find a single stage thermostat, common inflation blower and small space heater. The thermostat is used to set the box to the plant’s desired temperature while the blower and heater ventilate the air, and maintain the set temperature throughout the day. We tend to grow plants that share a common temperature of 75 degrees, allowing for a broader range of plants in the same growing space.

By choosing to use a germination box with the right temperature settings, you no longer have to worry about messy watering conditions or buying grow lights. We leave our germination boxes inside our high tunnels and hoisted on top of two sawhorses. This way our seeds can receive natural sunlight all throughout the day, and we can also easily access our seedlings at waist height.

Simply stick your hose or watering wand inside the box and any built up water will drain through the bottom. After the sprouts break the soil, we typically water low, volume soil mixture trays daily, while other higher volume trays once every two days.

Once our plants are ready to be transplanted, we move them into our low or high tunnel greenhouse, depending on the circumstance.

Bottom line: We love our germination box and the plants love it too!