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Clara's Corner: An Update From Four Season Farm

March: Let’s Start With The Seeds

cucumber seed starting

Preparing for big harvests starts with proper seeding. The photo above shows soil blocks in the Four Season Farm’s seed starting greenhouse where seeds start to grow on top of heat mats. It’s important to begin the life cycle of plants in an optimal growing environment, thus the farm makes sure to focus on the seeds separately. Cucumbers (seedlings on the right in the photo) are very sensitive to the cold and will be transplanted from the heated soil blocks of the seed starting greenhouse to a minimally heated greenhouse by the end of April.

May: Why We Grow Cucumbers On A Trellis

cucumber growing

The cucumbers that were seeded in soil blocks back in March are shown on a trellis in the photo above. Though the common rule of green thumbs is to grow on a trellis to save space in your garden for other plants, as cucumbers are known to sprawl, there are actually quite a few reasons to take advantage of using a trellis.

The two most important reasons behind using a trellis revolve around maintenance. The cucumber plants are easier to water at the main stem. This keeps the leaves less moist and thus less prone to fungal diseases. The second reason is that it makes the plants much easier to harvest, saving time and your hands! Beyond these, the cucumbers are cleaner and maintain a more uniform color from being kept off of the ground.

June: Keeping Up With The Harvest

cucumber harvest

Using all of the best practices, the cucumber plants grew over 6 feet up their respective trellis lines and continue to produce cucumbers that need to be harvested daily! A second succession row of cucumbers is also coming along nicely.

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Clara Coleman is the four-season farm specialist & video blog for host for Rimol Greenhouse Systems. Her full catalog of videos can be found on our website.