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Cooling your Greenhouse

In New England, it is the middle of winter. At the end of December, we were hit with two large storms, which made our New Year’s white. What does that mean? It means it is time to discuss cooling your greenhouse! When the weather gets warmer, and it sometimes is hard to believe this when it is so cold outside, you will be happy when you have addressed this.


There are a few ways to do so. The simplest is to cover the top of the greenhouse. If your plants need less direct light or a reduction in heat from the sun, this is definitely an option. For example, we have different color covers that we sell at Rimol, which will determine how much sun comes in and, as a result, affect the temperature of the greenhouse. You can also use a roll-up curtain along the sides to control light.


Ventilation also affects cooling, and that is why it is vital to have a wall fan in your greenhouse. A good fan will be one that stays quiet and does not hog electricity. Remember, you can also use these fans in the winter to reduce heat loss from the greenhouse. This will be used in conjunction with your vents.


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