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Create Ideal Cannabis-Growing Conditions in a Greenhouse

High-value, high-yield, and highly rewarding grow.

For growers looking to get started with a high-value, high-yield, and highly rewarding grow, cannabis will likely be the big trend in years to come. That’s because laws and attitudes toward cannabis have been in flux for years now, and with greater acceptance comes a new avenue for growers to succeed and find profitability. Combine this with the ideal conditions of a cannabis greenhouse and you’ve got a powerful money maker contained in one easy location.

Growing cannabis in a greenhouse is an excellent way for growers to produce maximum yields, create an extremely high-quality product, and secure against theft or interlopers without cutting off access to the benefits of growing outdoors.

For both experienced and brand-new cannabis growers, a cannabis greenhouse offers the chance to provide cannabis plants with the ideal environment to produce the perfect grow. Here’s a look at just what a greenhouse can bring to your cannabis crops:

Ideal Temperature Control for your Cannabis

Take a minute to think about where cannabis comes from originally - Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent. It’s warm there, and relatively dry year round, but on average temperatures are mild.

These are the conditions cannabis originally evolved to take advantage of, and even through all the centuries of cultivation elsewhere the plant has always retained this taste for a warm, dry growing spot.

Typically, growers should aim to keep their cannabis greenhouses around 70 to 80 degrees - not too hot, but warm enough to keep your plants happy. Typically, the heat provided by the sun through your greenhouse covering - combined with the natural heat given off by the plants as a result of the greenhouse effect - should be plenty to keep your plants warm during cold weather.

In extremely cold locations, it might be advisable to equip your cannabis greenhouse with an excellent greenhouse heating system, which can carefully control your greenhouse’s interior and raise the heat as needed. Likewise, proper cooling and ventilation can be critical to preventing heat buildup during the warmer months. Determine your needs based on the climate in your location and plan your grow space accordingly - your plants will thank you for it.

Humidity Controls in an Artificial Indoor Grow Room

Those who choose to grow cannabis without the protection of a greenhouse may luck out on temperature, since plenty of plants manage to thrive and survive unprotected in the open air. But when it comes to produced the best cannabis possible, there’s one critical element that’s arguably just as important and significantly harder to control: humidity.

Keeping your cannabis plants at the proper level of humidity isn’t just a good way to ensure your plants don’t dry out in the heat - it may also be your best defense against crop-killing mold. Cannabis grows dense flowers, which can absorb a lot of moisture if kept in a too-humid environment and may get diseased over in a matter of weeks. Keeping your plants at that right balance of arid and humid is key to keeping your plants safe through the seasons.

Typically, young plants and seedlings tend to react better to slightly more moist environments - around 60 to 70 percent is right. As the plant matures, it’s best to slightly dial down the humidity, shooting for around 40 percent by the time your plants are fully flowered (around week nine).

Those growers looking for an easy way to control humidity levels in a cannabis greenhouse should consider automatic environmental controls, which can automatically measure moisture levels and vent or dehumidify as needed. This way, you can set the optimal humidity level and let your greenhouse take care of the rest - easy, fast, and simple, and all for better harvests.

Safety For Your Cannabis Crop

So you’ve set your greenhouse to provide the ideal growing environment, you’ve spaced your plants out perfectly to give them plenty of room, and you’re on top of your growing and trimming schedule. Everything is growing great with your cannabis grow - until one day you walk out to your field to find all your hard work has been heisted.

Obviously, cannabis is still a highly valuable crop, and it would be remiss to ignore the need for security when dealing with a cannabis grow. This very present need has driven many growers underground, literally - trading the benefits of fresh air and sunlight for the security of walls and a locked door. With a secure cannabis greenhouse, you can say goodbye to those kinds of concessions.

Secure cannabis greenhouses offer a wide range of security features, from basic camouflaging - like black-out of end walls and blackout curtains including light traps, which can also improve light efficiency - to advanced security with higher side walls, lockable doors, and other accessories to secure the roof and walls.

Get Your Ideal Cannabis Greenhouse Going

Creating the best possible space to start your cannabis grow takes a good amount of planning and forward-thinking, but it doesn’t have to be an impossible struggle.

At Rimol, we know greenhouses like we know our own backyard, and we’re ready and able to guide you to getting your cannabis greenhouse up and running with expert advice and seasoned experience. Get in touch with one of our sales representatives and let’s get your cannabis grow started on the path to profitability today.