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Don't Despair Over a Tear

Do you have a polycarbonate covering for your greenhouse? The good news is that the materials used today are built stronger, and the polycarbonates we sell are virtually unbreakable. However, older covering may have a tear in them, as no covering is indestructible. Therefore, if you are looking for a temporary fix, here are a few steps for you to take.


  • In cleaning your plastic, just use dishwashing soap along with a gallon of warm (not hot) water. Clean thoroughly and let dry.

  • Once you measure the tear, cut two square patches from the polyethylene plastic you use for your greenhouse. Make sure that each side is at least three inches larger than the tear.

  • Place the repair tape over the entirety of one side of each strip and, once done, round the corners of the patch. Afterward, place the patch on top of the tear. Repeat by going on the inside of the greenhouse.


Remember; make sure there are no bubbles when you place the tape on the plastic or when placing the patch.