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Getting the Most Out of Your Greenhouse's Heating and Cooling Systems

Take Advantage of Natural Ventilation

Hot air rises, cold air falls. That’s a very succinct way of describing the expansive school of knowledge known as thermodynamics. But the bottom line for growers across the world is that they should take advantage of the laws of thermodynamics, saving them, money, and wear and tear on their cooling equipment. If your greenhouse has the option of opening ceiling panes of glass or vents, make sure to use them. Similarly, if you’re anticipating crosswinds, raise the walls on your greenhouses to maximize that natural exchange of air for your crops.

Stick to Your Replacement Schedule

Nothing’s worse than having to swap out heavy-duty cooling and heating equipment. But having a solid replacement plan in place for aging equipment can curb unexpected costs and move your growing operation onto a regular schedule. Keeping old or outdated equipment around past its expected lifespan is a sure way to run up unexpected costs, and cause headaches that can span multiple growing seasons. Check with your climate control system manufacturer for best practices when it comes to system maintenance and replacement.

Visual Inspections Are Key

Calendars and reminders are one thing, but getting out into your greenhouses to visually inspect their canopies and the integrity of the structures is entirely another. Make sure to give your structures thorough walkthroughs when you can, sealing and repairing cracks or openings as you find them. Not sufficiently tackling these issues early enough can lead to much larger repairs needing to be made later on, much to the chagrin of growers operating on tight budgets.

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