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Gotta Have It -- Tomato Hammocks

There's nothing quite like seeing the benefits of all the hard work you put into your garden. Especially when you are able to feast on large, ripe, juicy tomatoes all summer! But what happens when your tomatoes are growing so big and so high that you are unable to pick them off before falling to the ground? Avoid damaging your spring/summer harvest with tomato hammocks! 

Tomato hammocks are a common accessory for growers and farmers alike. The hammocks wrap around the outsides of your trellises and work as an extra support system underneath your tomatoes. Once your tomatoes are rip, they will gracefully fall into your tomato hammock rather than onto the ground where they can be damaged or exposed.

There are several different ways to make tomato hammocks. Some trellises look like the nets that go behind softball backstops and are used for vine plants that don't weigh too much, such as green beans or cucumbers. For larger veggies, you can use a plastic clip to allow the string to support the plant. You can either make tomatoes hammocks yourself using chicken wire or other materials, or order them from specialty gardening stores. 


*Note: When growing outside - be careful that the plant doesn't grow so long that it falls over and makes a huge bush. This prevents the sun from getting to the plant and will affect the quality of your tomatoes. The lack of sunlight and air circulation will most likely result in disease and pests. 


Do you make your own tomatoes hammocks or order them from a specific store? We're curious to hear your secrets!