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Greenhouse Science Fiction… or is it?

NASA is working on a manned mission to Mars, where of course the people on that mission would need to eat.  Ringing up the Domino’s delivery guy would take a herculean effort so having something that grows is going to be an essential component of that mission.  Several other extreme cold weather environment greenhouses exist around the globe where scientists grow a variety of crops.  These test sites prove the viability of sustainable growing techniques in extreme climates, and what is more extreme than Mars!

What does all of this cool future tech mean for the average consumer, a lot more than you might think.  One extreme environment that needs more sustainable food options are our major cities.  Several million people packed into a few square miles all need to eat, and having large scale greenhouses that can provide local fresh food would go a long way to ending a phenomenon known as the urban desert.

The concept of vertical farming has already taking root in many cities.  The Plantagon, a 12 story skyscraper in Sweden where plants will travel along tracks from the bottom floor to the top floor to take advantage of sunlight and to make harvesting easier, is already under construction.  Sounds like science fiction is turning into science fact right before our eyes!  In addition to the Plantagon, more vertical greenhouses are sprouting up across the country.  In Chicago, a former meatpacking plant is now producing vegetables using aquaponics.  Vegetables are grown on floating rafts and nutrients are fed into the water from waste produced by fish in separate tanks.

Microbiologist Dickson Despommier, who is credited with developing the idea of vertical farming with students back in 1999, thinks this concept will be more attractive as climate change drives up the cost of conventional farming making greenhouse farming cheaper and more attractive.  

Whatever the future holds for greenhouses, gardening, and humanity, it is good to know that creative researchers are working right now on solutions to the world’s food supply.  If you would like more information about using hydroponics or aquaponics in your greenhouse Rimol has a complete line of hydroponic systems.  Contact us at 877.746.6544 to speak with one of our consultants about your greenhouse needs.