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Growing Raspberries

Do you like raspberries? They are one of the great New England fruits to grow, and many people find them the perfect balance of sweet and tart. If you are looking to grow raspberries in your yard, follow these steps.


  • You will want to find a hardy area, with full sun, good air circulation, but not too much wind.
  • Be careful what type of raspberry you choose. The darker they are, the more delicate the flavor (but the more susceptible to disease).
  • In mid-autumn, plant your raspberries from two- to three-feet apart, and have each row be around one-foot apart.
  • A few months later, as the snow melts, apply compost and fertilizer, and mulch to keep away weeds. Also, be sure to prune your berries on a regular basis.
  • When they reach their ripeness (mid- to late-summer), be sure to eat or freeze immediately.


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