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Guiding Customers with Great Garden Center Signage

A sign outside a garden center showing 40% off shrubs & perennials

In any garden center, there’s a lot of focus on plants, products, and what’s for sale. But one of the most important things in your garden center—and one of the first things each one of your customers will see when they arrive—is actually something surprisingly important: signage.

Good signage is so important for creating a good garden center experience. Sometimes, customers will walk right past something they’re looking for without even realizing… until, that is, they see a sign and they go right back. Otherwise they have to hunt down team members and ask for help. With good signage, you can ease that experience and make shopping easy, enjoyable, and efficient.

garden center  signage 2.jpg

A Great Experience Starts with Good Directions

When customers come looking for plants, pots, and other products, they don’t really want to do too much “looking.” Instead, they’d rather be “browsing”—but that requires they know where they’re going.

That’s why good signage is crucial for keeping customers pointed in the right direction. By giving your guests easy-to-follow directions through your aisles—as well as clear labels on your products themselves—you can help cut down on the confusion and provide a happier, more enjoyable experience.

Likewise, there’s a lot of crucial signage around safety that’s hugely important, including warning customers about wet surfaces or giving guidance on how to best handle fragile products, Forget this, and you may just have an unpleasant (or downright dangerous) experience awaiting your guests.

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Guide Customers Right To Your Best Products

Good signage is a crucial part of providing a good experience for your customers—but with a clever strategy and good planning, you can also put your signage to work boosting sales.

Almost every guest who walks into your garden center will likely have a clear idea of what they need when they arrive. But with some carefully-placed signage, you may just be able to inspire them to add a few extra items to that list.

Say, for instance, you’ve got a beautiful display of seasonal plants front-and-center, right by your entrance… and, just a few steps away, you’ve got a beautiful display of pots and containers that complement those plants beautifully. By giving customers a path to those products with good, inviting signage, you may just be able to help them add to their cart before they head to the register—especially if you’re offering a special incentive or sale.

garden center signage 4.jpg

Keep Your Signage Looking Good, Year After Year

While good signage can do wonders for your customers’ garden center experience, it won’t mean much if your signs are hard to read, or aren’t in good condition. 

The first rule of good garden center signage: make sure your signs are easy to read, even from a distance. It’s always best to use clean, white backgrounds with bold, highly visible lettering, especially on signage meant to be seen from a distance. Avoid colored backgrounds or text over imagery, which can be cluttered and difficult to read.

Likewise, you’ll want to be sure your signs themselves are in good condition, and free from any marks, scuffs, tears, or damage. The quality of your signs can say a lot about the quality of your garden center in general, so don’t give guests any reason to think otherwise.