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Harsh & Unpredictable Weather Conditions Have Nothing On Our Nor'Easter

A wintry view of a Nor'Easter Greenhouse by Rimol Greenhouse Systems

As a New Hampshire based company, Rimol knows snow - from the light, frosty flakes of early December to the thick, heavy slush of early March. We’re no strangers to some of the worst of what Old Man Winter can dish out - and as any farmer knows, it can be tough to keep growing strong through the winter when you’re facing freezing temperatures, huge snow drifts, and wicked winds. Luckily, Rimol Greenhouse Systems has devised a solution that can take on even the worst winter storms - and, fittingly, it’s called the Nor’Easter.

Named after New England’s harshest and most intimidating storms, our Nor’Easter greenhouse is built to live up to its namesake - meaning it can handle just about everything the weather can dish out.

Tough Enough to Take on the Rough Stuff

Our Nor’Easter greenhouse is built to last even through the toughest winters, and is constructed with a unique truss support system to double the strength of every bow. That means it can handle everything from snow to freezing rain and even hail, all without giving in to the conditions.

Available in 30' and 34' widths, the Nor’Easter is built to be strong. Bows are 1.90'', 13 ga. galvanized steel tubing, and there is a truss assembly with every bow that gives the Nor’Easter unmatched strength. Growers can choose from additional options like gas or oil heating to keep your plants warm all winter long, as well as mechanical ventilation and even roll-up sides with an available gear box to make air circulation easy regardless of the season. And for those facing extreme conditions, polycarbonate end walls provide a steady support to protect from winter’s worst.

Extend Your Growing Season to All Year Long

With a reliable greenhouse, there’s no reason to stop growing just because the thermometer is reading low. Many farmers have used Nor’Easters and other high tunnels to extend their growing seasons, opening up the possibility to keep growing well beyond what would be possible growing outdoors. This can increase profits without drastically increasing expenditures, since high tunnels like the Nor’Easter are excellent at utilizing energy from the sun and require relatively little energy for temperature regulation.

You can get your Nor’Easter set up to keep growing all winter long, just like our New England Sales Manager John Wells. John keeps spinach and other greens growing strong through the winter in the 30 x 72 Nor'easter in his backyard. He recommends using row cover over your crop inside your greenhouse at night, which can keep the temperature under your row covers about 10 degrees higher than your greenhouse temp - a useful buffer for those especially chilly nights.

Take On Winter With A Nor’Easter from Rimol

Ready to get your grow going through the winter and right into spring? We’d love to show you just how much protection our Nor’Easter greenhouse can offer to keep your crop safe and warm right through until harvest. Check the Nor’Easter out for yourself, and get in touch with us when you’re ready to get your winter grow going. We can help you get set up and ready to face whatever the winter might throw at us.