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Join in on the Online Conversation

Social media isn’t just a medium for advertisers to promote their product. Through Facebook groups and Twitter chats, farmers from across the globe can share their farming experiences, concerns and questions. Think of social media as a tool for innovation and education!

Don’t believe me?

Check out the AGChat Foundation’s website It’s an online community dedicated to helping those who produce food, fuel, fiber and feed, communicate their story through mediums like Youtube, LinkedIN, Blogs, Facebook and Twitter.

Imagine…a place where you can share your thoughts and questions about agriculture with other farming enthusiasts, and connect with professionals from outside the industry....

Look no further than ‘#AgChat’ on Twitter.

Hosted on Tuesday nights from 8pm- 10pm Eastern, twitter users can go to and enter the ‘#agchat’ room to view the online conversation. You can then join in on the conversation by tweeting answers to the relevant topic by using the hashtag #agchat.

This is an international conversation that has brought more than 2,000 people from seven countries together since April 2009. In the beginning, users are invited to introduce themselves and at the end, users have the opportunity to pitch their blogs and products.

As we approach the future of sustainable farming together, we can use social media as a tool to push the farming industry forward. Now, like never before, farmers aren’t limited by geography and distance.

Visit to get started today!