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Junior's Indoor Greenhouse

You have young children whom you want to experience what it is like to have a greenhouse. Great! However, some kids are too young to work in a greenhouse, and others may not truly appreciate what a greenhouse does.

What you can do is let them grow their own plants in an indoor greenhouse. It is a simple as having a two-liter beverage bottle, seeds, and some soil. This is a great way to bond with your kids and prepare them for an enriching experience.

The first thing you need is a two-liter soda bottle. Make sure to clean thoroughly to make sure the sugars and other ingredients are cleaned out. (A good way to make sure you have a clean bottle is to use a seltzer bottle, which will have no other ingredients other than water).

Once you have let the bottle dry thoroughly, you will cut the bottle in half horizontally (after you remove the label). Make sure each side of the bottle is even, and that you poke drainage holes in the bottom half of the bottle. It is up to you whether your children are old and responsible enough to do this; if you have any doubt, do this step yourself.

Plant what you want in it, but a popular choice is an herb, as they do not need much room to grow. Make sure to read the directions on how to care for you plant.

Place the top half back on the bottle. One way to keep it on is to create slits in the bottle half of the bottle and tabs in the top half. Afterward, place the cap back on.

You want to make sure the bottle is in a bowl to catch the water and soil drainage. In addition, make sure to water regularly (but not too much), to make sure the soil is moist (not damp). In addition, keep it in a windowsill where it can get light. One optional step is to paint to bottom of the bottle black, so as to prevent root rot (from too much sun).

In our next blog post, we will go into creating a more sophisticated indoor greenhouse, one that you (and your children) can work on together.