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Let The Grow Times Roll

Our Rolling Thunder is simply a moveable high tunnel greenhouse. For some growers, having the option of a moveable high tunnel can provide additional versatility and extend their growing season. The Rolling Thunder was developed in conjunction with Elliot Coleman (his daughter Clara is a guest blogger on our site) to be part of a long-term crop rotation plan. In a quote from his book, The Winter Harvest Handbook Coleman explains:

“When I first became familiar with greenhouses and saw their incredible potential, I wanted to make them do even more. In order to optimize use I always wanted to get the next crop established before the present crop was finished. Growing transplants wasn’t enough. I knew I should be able to find additional methods for increasing the number of harvests per bed per year. The obvious solution was to make the greenhouses movable. If I could establish a winter-harvested crop, say, two months ahead of the time when it would need protection, and leave the warm-season crop growing two months longer, I would actually be getting the equivalent of fourteen months of greenhouse use every twelve months.”

Another major benefit of a moveable high tunnel is pest control. While greenhouses provide optimal conditions for plant growth, they do the same for many pests. Consumers have an increased appetite for organic, locally grown food. With the organic movement no longer a fringe practice, farms that have chosen to eliminate chemicals for pest control have to come up with alternative solutions. Allowing beds to “air out” and to freeze over from time to time helps to reduce pest problems that can build up in greenhouses.

Is a Rolling Thunder the perfect greenhouse for your operation? We invite you to take a look at our products page and contact one of our greenhouse experts to learn more about this amazing product. In the “off season” (we know) take a look back at 2014, if growing for a few more months will help your bottom line in 2015 contact us and keep the questions rollin’!