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New Report on GMO Produce Sparks Controversy

Recently, the National Academy of Science released a study that found that GMO crops are safe to humans, and that their effects on the natural world are not as damaging as opponents would believe. The study took over two years to produce, with Here’s a summary of the findings, as reported by NPR:

“The committee also found that GMOs, as promised, have allowed farmers of some crops to spray less insecticide to protect their crops — although there's a risk that the GMO crops may not work as well in the future, because insects could develop resistance to them. Also, there's no evidence that GMOs have reduced the amount of wild plant and insect life on farms.”

Opponents of the report released a statement before the release of the findings, stating:

“"The makeup of the panel is pretty clear. People are coming in with a perspective that is pro-genetically engineered crop," says Patty Lovera, assistant director of Food & Water Watch.”

While the report might do little to change the image of GMOs in the eyes of their critics, it’s clear that the industry as a whole is steadily moving towards adopting genetically modified produce. The United States Federal Government is working towards putting regulations in place to govern GMO produce, but legislation is moving very slowly. Only time will tell if GMO products will eventually be adopted by growers, scientists, and the public at large.