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Online Garden: USDA People’s Garden (Twitter)

There is more to social media than Facebook. Twitter, Pinterest, Goggle Plus, YouTube, and blogs are great places to learn about greenhouses, gardening, and horticulture. Our blog will make sure to point out various social media sites for you as we find them, and why we think they are so important

Today, we look the United States Department of Agriculture’s “People’s Garden” Twitter feed. More than 13,000 people are following this page, which says the following in its description:

Stay connected with USDA's People's Garden, the nation’s demonstration plot. Get the latest real-time “tweets” on events, workshops, plantings, and harvests.

A people’s garden, according to the USDA, must consist of three factors:

  • It must benefit the community, (i.e. a greenhouse donated to an urban nonprofit)
  • It must be collaborative (i.e. maintained by an organized group of individuals)
  • It must work toward sustainability (i.e. use compost, conserve water, or encourage beneficial insects)

This Twitter feed averages two tweets per weekday (this is a government-run site!), so you will get plenty of updates on when the USDA is holding events. It will tell you more about people’s gardens, and give you examples of successful ones throughout the country.