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Plant of the Month -- Beets

Beets can be eaten raw but are often grilled, boiled or roasted. Beets can also be pickled or turned into a soup known as borscht. The leafy portions of beets are also edible and contain more nutrients than the root!. Another reason beets are such a versatile crop.

Planting Tips:

When to Plant – Directly sow seeds once the soil temperature reaches 50 degrees. Make sure the soil stays moist during germination; however, if the soil forms a crust it will be difficult for seedlings to break the surface. It is best to pre-germinate seeds if this is an issue in your area. (see our previous article about pre-germination)

Soil pH – Beets are a good indication of soil pH as they prefer a soil pH above 5.5-6. If the soil pH is below 5.5 growth will be stunted.

Thinning – Beet seeds are actually capsules which can contain multiple seeds, so thinning is essential. The seedlings are very fragile so it is best to clip them rather than pulling them. Beets have shallow roots that are easily disturbed.

Happy planting! Stay tuned our plant next month will be lettuce.