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Prepping for Summer: Why Shade Structures Are Vital for Outdoor Displays

rimol shade structure in a garden center

Growers, garden centers, and green thumbs everywhere know just how dangerous too much of a good thing can be. Keeping a collection of healthy, thriving plants is all about maintaining a delicate balance. You need to provide just enough water and sunlight, and too much of any one of these vital factors can tip the scales and wreak havoc on your garden.

During long summer days, the hot summer sun could be the good thing your plants get way too much of. Those exposed to the elements are left at the mercy of the sun and at risk of heat stress, frequent moisture reduction, and more.

Luckily, there’s a quick fix for providing much-needed sun protection for your plants in the nick of time: shade structures. A shade structure is a cost-effective way to prepare your set-up for days in the blistering summer sun, although the benefits don’t stop there. Easy to assemble, customizable, and aesthetically appealing, shade structures by Rimol Greenhouse Systems provide multi-purpose protection at a great value.

Generate The Shade Amount That’s Just Right

As any gardener knows, plant-care solutions are never a “one size fits all” kind of deal. Gardening solutions must be as nuanced as the plants they are used to care for, which is why shade structures by Rimol are available with any percentage of shade, from 30%-80% opacity. You’ll be able to retain a small amount of control even on plants living outside of the contained environment of your greenhouse.

Based on the type of plants that you need to provide protection for this summer, you can choose a cloth density that best accommodates your collection. Remove as much sunlight from your outdoor displays as needed, and no longer will scorching and bleaching pose a significant threat even during the longest summer days.

The size and height of our shade structures are just as customizable, available in any multiple of 10’ by 20’ blocks so you can choose the right size for your space. 10’ height is standard, but other heights are also available if needed.

Reduce Strain on Plants – And Your Bottom Line

Beyond the obvious benefits of removing a small amount of direct sunlight, adding a shade structure to your set-up is an effective way to cut down on your watering frequency.

Plants unprotected by shade must be monitored thoroughly and watered frequently. At a high risk of drying out, caretakers have no choice but to put a dent in their water usage to ensure these plants have enough moisture to prosper. But by limiting these powerful rays, a plant retains water more successfully and requires watering at a significantly lower frequency.

Consequently, growers that opt for shade structures have noted decreases in water costs as a result. Incorporating a shade structure can not only be an effective way to keep plants healthy, but a way to keep your expenses and environmental impact healthy as well.

Stay Adaptable

Outdoor growers understand the importance of reacting in a moment’s notice. Weather patterns can be unpredictable, and ensuring you have the tools at your disposal to provide plant care in any and all conditions is vital.

Rimol shade structures were constructed for easy assembly and disassembly so they can be built or relocated just as quickly as the weather takes a turn. If summer arrives early or a sudden hailstorm emerges out of nowhere, you’ll be prepared with a shade structure handy.

Keep Your Garden Dressed To Impress

Practicality is important, but when you want to show off the beauty of the plants in your collection, aesthetic becomes just as vital. Rimol offers the ability to match your shade structure to the plants it aims to protect. Our shade cloths are available in a variety of colors, from modest black to a vibrant hot pink.

Also impressive is a shade structure’s ability to allow people to thrive too. For retailers, it’s a must during the summer to ensure that hot, sunny days do not deter customers from browsing. Shade structures can provide a sanctuary that allows customers to stay cool and shop comfortably. The people that visit your greenhouse or garden center will be more than happy to pass the time weaving through shaded rows of prosperous greenery.

Ready To Gear Up For Summer?

While the long days can be great, summer and the heat it brings can be harsh on crops and growers alike. Fortunately, shade structures offer an affordable, flexible way to provide a refuge where your plants—and your savings—can thrive.

If you want to ensure you have the tools to protect your plants from the intense summer sun, get in touch. We’ll discuss options that will best suit your space and help you prepare for even the most unpredictable weather. Let’s stay cool this season!