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Rimol Plants Some Knowledge at the 2018 New Jersey Agriculture Convention

When it comes to bringing the best knowledge to the most growers, nothing beats actually getting a crowd of professionals together in one room to share advice. At the New Jersey Agricultural Convention this February, Rimol was invited to do just that - and the result was one impressive showing of industry cooperation.

Held annually as a opportunity for Mid-Atlantic vegetable, fruit, and berry growers to share and expand their knowledge on the best ways to increase profitability and extend the growing season, the NJ Veggie Convention draws local farmers and renowned researchers and academics to Atlantic City each February. This year, Rimol Greenhouse Systems was lucky enough to be asked to participate, and the result was a great chance to connect with and spread our knowledge to these industry leaders.

Speaking on behalf of Rimol Greenhouse Systems was Rimol co-founder Mike Marett, and experienced grower himself whose knowledge of the industry extends well beyond the four walls of the standard greenhouse setup.

Presenting a high-level look at available greenhouse systems, as well as best practices for setting up, maintaining, and making the most out of a greenhouse for berry farmers and others, Mike found the crowd of 40-50 locally-based growers eager to learn as much as possible from the collection of industry leaders speaking at the three-day convention. Attendees took particular interest in topics including ventilation and energy systems, and how solar power could be used for greenhouse systems that include energy-reliant components like roll-up sides, ventilation systems, and environmental controls.

The invite for Mike to present on behalf of Rimol came as a result of his participation in the TunnelBerries program, a grant-funded study coordinating researchers, universities, and industry leaders to help improve strategies and growing techniques for strawberry and raspberry farmers.

As an industry-based Advisory Board member for the TunnelBerries project, Mike has worked extensively with TunneBerries Team Members, including Rutgers professor Dr. A.J. Both and Pennsylvania State University professor Kathy Demchak - also speakers at the NJ Agricultural Convention. It was through connections like these that the invitation for Rimol to participate in the Convention was extended.

Rimol has made it a mission to attend, speak at, and encourage the growth of conventions just like this one, and in the weeks and months ahead Mike and other Rimol team members will be giving similar presentations or exhibiting at growing conventions around the country. These include the University of West Virginia Small Farms Conference, which occurred in late February, and the Kentucky State University Great Plains Conference, among others.

Rimol thanks Dr. Both and the NJ Vegetable Growers Association for the invitation to speak at the Conference this year, and we look forward to attending this and other conventions in the years ahead. Together, we grow!

Image source: Vegetable Growers Association of NJ