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Rimol’s 10 Steps to Building a Greenhouse

If you are in the market to purchase and build a greenhouse, you should consider many factors. The good news is that Rimol has you covered!

On our website (, we have a section called “10 Steps to Building a Greenhouse.” On that page, you will find an easy-to-follow guide for all the factors necessary in choosing the perfect greenhouse. While we are certainly hopeful you will purchase a Rimol Greenhouse, these steps are applicable for the purchase of any greenhouse.

Each step has links to other parts of our website that explain everything you need to know about greenhouse hardware: from what types of doors you need to your heating choices; from the benefits of a CO2 system to other options like an irrigation system. This page goes into all of the parts of a greenhouse, and explain the benefits of each item.

Please remember that if you have any specific questions regarding our greenhouse, we would be happy to answer them for you. Please click on the Rimol contact page for more information.