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So, you want to build a greenhouse

Whatever the reason, you have decided to purchase a greenhouse. Great! We certainly hope it is a Rimol greenhouse, as we believe we provide the highest quality and greatest range of options for the consumer. That said, regardless of where you buy your greenhouse, the first question you should ask is: What greenhouse best suits my needs?


The first thing to determine is your needs. A greenhouse for a home garden will be much different from one for a school or a high-quantity commercial use. Please note that we will be citing Rimol greenhouses in our examples, as we have built them for these specific purposes. However, the information we provide applies to any greenhouse.


There are three major intended uses of greenhouses:


Horticultural Use: This is the category for personal and small retail greenhouses, nurseries, farm stands, wholesale growing, and florists. Depending on the quantity of yield (and what will be grown) will determine the appropriate greenhouse.


Agricultural Use: The needs for agricultural entities (high-yield retail, wholesale, and industrial use) will require options not likely necessary for those with smaller needs. These options include high tunnels (a type of greenhouse that allows for flexibility year-round); hydroponics (growth without soil) and the facilitation of growing organic vegetables.


Schools/Institutions: Regardless of the academic needs, a school that builds a greenhouse will have to meet two major needs:

  • Since these are often government entities (or nonprofits), there will be a enhanced need to meet or exceed building code requirements
  • They will need to withstand weather and human use. We recommend polycarbonate greenhouses because they have a long-life roof cover and are fireproof.


In an upcoming blog post, we will look at the various styles of greenhouse and the respective frames. For more information on Rimol and how their greenhouses have met the needs of all types of customers, please check out