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The moving greenhouse

Rolling thunder greenhouse with full coverings and a fully sealed door.

Why does one need a moving greenhouse? One reason is because of the emergence of organic growing.


Organic growing requires planning and diligence. Before the first crop is ever planted, much thought must be put into the types of crops to be grown, soil preparation and the greenhouse environment. The greenhouse is best utilized to protect the plants from exterior weather conditions to grow crops in a resourceful way, which is important for low operating costs and high yields.


As a result, this may mean the greenhouse must be moved. However, most greenhouse structures are difficult to move, either because of size or because they are mounted onto other permanent structures. This is why we at Rimol created the "Rolling Thunder" line of greenhouses.


We wanted to make sure our customers have a greenhouse that game them the maximum amount of flexibility when the need arose. The wheel/ground post combination is seated on a rail, which allows the greenhouse to move along the desired growing areas. As a result, larger greenhouses can be moved with an ordinary tractor, while a smaller greenhouse can be moved by just two individuals.


For those interested in doing organic growing, the Rolling Thunder is an option for them to consider. This is an easy way for the organic grower to produce a variety of crops from season-to-season, utilizing the strengths of both crop rotation and crop protection.