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The Rimol Social Campaign- Let's Build a Community

We’re very excited to announce that Rimol is taking a huge leap into the world of social networking in an attempt to bring our brand to more people in more ways than ever before.

By doing so we believe we’ll be able to enrich our community of customers by responding to your questions and problems in ways that are quick, efficient and effective.

Our approach to the online world of social covers five of the leading social networks; Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Flickr and Youtube! We wanted to make it as simple as can be to follow the latest news from Rimol and find answers to your greenhouse related questions and problems. Facebook and Twitter will both be hubs for all our news and we invite you to follow us on whichever one you prefer. On Linkedin you can connect directly with owner Bob Rimol or other employees. Flickr and Youtube are all about the media. We’d like to create extensive photo and video channels and we invite you to contribute your own. Contributions won’t go unnoticed and we’ll be offering plenty of incentives down the line for our community participation!

In addition to our entrance to social networks, we´re also launching a completely revamped email and content campaign named The Greenhouse Guide. This Greenhouse Guide aspires to become a deep and content rich resource for greenhouse owners across the nation. The Guide will feature a monthly customer spotlight that turns attention to one lucky customer and delves into their business and history. Also, we´ll be featuring great posts that answer both common and not-so-common questions from greenhouse owners, we´ll offer tips to improving your growing experience and help you solve the everyday problems you encounter in maintenance.

Ultimately this campaign is all about offering our customers better value, not only when you purchase a greenhouse but throughout the life of that product. We couldn’t find many great greenhouse resources out there on the web that offered feedback, answers to questions or solutions to problems, so we decided to build our own.