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Training a New Generation of Growers, One Greenhouse at a Time

For many young people, that first trip into a greenhouse can be a powerful experience, and one that inspires a lifelong passion for all things agriculture. These are the pioneers of greenhouse growing who will help bring our current systems well into the future - and that’s why we at Rimol believe it’s critical to provide the right tools to as many young growers as possible.

Whether it’s providing schools and universities with the tools and resources they need to bring greenhouse growing education to those who seek it out or engaging with students in the community to drive that early passion, we believe few goals are more important than spreading our greenhouse knowledge to those who need to know it most: the next generation of growers.

Helping Those Helping The Industry Improve

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From small-scale farmers facing rising costs to large-scale operations in need of sustainable environmental solutions, it seems like just about every corner of the agricultural industry is in need of fresh talent to bring today’s markets into the future. That’s why we make it a point to support university students specializing in greenhouse growing, permaculture, agriculture, and even hydroponics at Universities around the country.

Students spend valuable time getting in the dirt with hands-on instruction from qualified teachers in Rimol greenhouses just about every day. Whether it’s local Granite State farmers improving their four-season farming capabilities at the Woodman Horticultural Farm of nearby University of New Hampshire; students engaging with local businesses to learn the economic side of growing at the University of Delaware’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources; or researchers and students experimenting with controlled conditions in their greenhouse at the University of Vermont Horticultural Research Center, Rimol is proud to have donated or supplied the greenhouses where the next generation is learning new methods of pushing the industry forward.

An Up and Coming Urban Farming Scene

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For tomorrow’s greenhouse growers, the biggest cost associated with the agricultural industry is almost definitely going to be the cost of land. Rising taxes and land prices, combined with the increasing cost of water and pest prevention, have made rural farming less sustainable for many young growers looking to find success. Where they can succeed, however - and where there may be the biggest need in the near future - is in cities and urban areas, where fresh food can be hard to come by and growers are desperately needed.

When Rimol partnered with New Horizons for New Hampshire to bring the very first urban greenhouse to a Granite State city right in the heart of Manchester, the initial goal was to provide much-needed nutrients to city residents. Since then, the program has become a wellspring for inspiring a love of growing in local students. Local students from nearby Wilson, Gossler Park, Bakersville, and St. Casimir Schools all take an active role in planting and raising crops, while older university and high school students work directly with the shelter to harvest and prepare the food - all while making a meaningful, noticeable change in their community.

The Ideal Way For Students To Get Their Hands Dirty

Anyone who’s been growing for a while knows that our industry faces some serious challenges in the future. But anyone who’s engaged with the next generation of growers also knows that young people may just have the answers - and all they may be lacking is the tools to make the right changes happen. With access to an educational greenhouse, university and high school students can reap the benefits that come with hands-on experience as they prepare for their careers in the industry.

We at Rimol are always on the lookout for educational programs, universities, and other institutions seeking an educational greenhouse for to better prepare tomorrow’s growers. If you’re interested in outfitting your program with an educational greenhouse, or you know of a program that could benefit, get in touch and we’ll help get students the right tools to find success and bring the industry forward.

We believe that our motto, “Together, We Grow,” is more than just the truth - it’s a call to action to make tomorrow better for every grower out there. An investment in education is an investment in the future - and we’re dedicated to making sure looking bright for those who will come next.