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These days, you see less and less glass as a greenhouse covering. There are a few reasons why. The first is simple – glass breaks and cracks. It also does not insulate as well as plastic panels. It is also heavier than plastic options, which requires sturdier frames. Finally, when seals crack, there may be extensive fogging.


Therefore, you should consider two plastic options for your greenhouse. In this area, you have two major options – polyethylene and polycarbonate.


Polyethylene Film – This is a plastic material that comes in a roll and varies in thickness. This is a more affordable option for starter greenhouse owners, as well a greenhouse that varies in uses. A quick and inexpensive option for growers, this is also an option for those that have different uses for the house. Rimol sells rolls of 6-millimeter thickness sheets, in regular or infrared styles.


Polycarbonate Panels – A more permanent and rigid option is polycarbonate panels. This is a translucent plastic that has a similar (though not exact) transparency as glass. One of the great benefits of polycarbonate is its insulation properties. The lightweight material, which can be easily cut, can diffuse light and has much better insulation properties than regular class. Rimol has six types of polycarbonate panels from which to choose from.