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UNH Releases Research Report on Winter Spinach Production in High Tunnels

A Picture representing the UNH greenhouse where the conducted research on winter spinach production

The study objectives were:

  1. Determine yield potential of Regiment, Space, and Tyee for each fall transplant date and identify best transplant dates
  2. Evaluate all eight varieties for their suitability for winter production
  3. Assess the leaf sugar content among varieties throughout the winter season
  4. Identify discernable growth and leaf characteristics among varieties that may assist growers in choosing those best suited to their market/objectives

The research provided recommendations for winter spinach production in high tunnels.  The full report contains the process, detailed recommendations, and supporting data.

If you would like more information about high tunnels, winter production, or just want to learn more about your greenhouse options, give our greenhouse specialists a call at (877) 746-6544 or email .

 Thank you Kaitlyn Orde and Becky Sideman of UNH extension for their great work on this project.