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UNH Releases Results of Pepper High Tunnel Research

The highest yields were produced by Bentley, Felicitas, and Orangela, all classified as High-Tech Greenhouse Peppers by Johnny’s Select Seeds. For total weight of marketable fruit, Orange Blaze, a small-fruited type, produced significantly lower yields than both Bentley and Felicita. Otherwise, there were no significant differences.

Researchers found there was a direct relationship between fruit size and number of fruits produced per plant. Orange Blaze (average fruit size of 4.1 oz.) produced significantly more fruit per plant than all other varieties, whereas Karisma (average fruit size of 11.2 oz.) produced the fewest fruits per plant. Both peppers are field peppers by Harris Seeds. The number and percentage of unmarketable fruit was low for all varieties.

The full report can be found here.

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