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Upgrade Your Garden Center Greenhouse with Shelving & Displays

Upgrade Your Garden Center Greenhouse with Shelving & Displays

When it comes to making your garden center greenhouse an inviting, enticing, and revenue-maximizing shopping space, few features make more of an impact than quality shelving and displays.

Maximize the Revenue of Every Square Foot

garden center greenhouse shelving 2.jpg

Garden Centers need to make each and every square foot count. That’s why it’s crucial to maximize revenue potential wherever possible—and shelving may just be the best option.

garden center greenhouse shelving 3.jpg

By adding vertical shelving space to your greenhouse’s footprint, you can maximize the amount of product on display at any one time. During peak season for shoppers, this is a great way to put every inch of your garden center to its full potential.

Put Your Best Products Right Where Customers Can See

Here’s a simple fact: putting products at eye level actually makes customers more likely to consider, pick up, and even purchase.

garden center greenhouse shelving 4.jpg

That’s where shelving can make an immediate impact. By elevating your products to eye level, you can give customers a better perspective on the product itself. That way, they can see your finest offerings from all angles, rather than having to bend down.

That makes your space much more inviting for customers who like to pick up, feel, and get to know a product before buying.

Inspire Buyers with Your Unique Offerings

garden center greenhouse shelving 5.jpg

Garden centers, even small operations, have one major advantage over big box stores: flexibility. 

While large retailers rely on consistent inventory, smaller garden centers can entice buyers (and earn new customers) by offering unique, on-trend products from season to season. 

garden center greenhouse shelving 6.jpg

And, by artfully arranging your products like pots and planters on shelving right near plants, you can inspire customers to expand their planting plans—and entice them to buy those must-have items you’ve so beautifully displayed.

Delight Your Guests With Fun & Festive Displays

garden center greenhouse shelving 7.jpg

Your garden center can be more than just a shop—it can be a true experience. By building inviting and engaging displays in your shopping space, you can encourage shoppers to stop and “smell the roses”... and, just maybe, grab a little something extra before they reach the register.

garden center greenhouse shelving 8.jpg