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Welcome to the “Everything Greenhouse” blog!

Why are you here?


  • You know nothing about greenhouses and are looking for a “Greenhouse 101” course
  • You know a lot about greenhouses and want to keep up-to-date on the emerging technologies
  • You are ready to purchase a greenhouse, but want to make sure you are making the right choice
  • You are part of an academic program and are looking for ways to incorporate new information into your curricula
  • You just like greenhouses!

For those (and many other reasons), we have created the “Everything Greenhouse” blog. We want this to be your greenhouse “go-to” guide. It is our intention to provide you a great mix of basic, advanced, and related information that will benefit anyone who owns, works in, or yearns for a greenhouse.


While we expect our blog to be free flowing and responsive to current events, we will have recurring subjects, which we believe will be a benefit to you:


Structures: We will discuss the benefits of various styles and sizes of greenhouses. The right structure can make all the difference!

Accessories: Where you live (and what you grow) will determine the types of accessories that are best for you. We will look at accessories such as heaters, ventilation, coverings, etc.

Going Beyond Growing: Greenhouses are multi-use structures, and used for much more than commercial and residential growing. Restaurants, academic institutions, fisheries, and other entities use them, and we will go into the innovative ways these organizations use greenhouses.

Growing 101: To get the best out of your garden, you need to understand the basics of agriculture and horticulture – specifically how and when to plant. These tips will be a benefit to the grower, regardless of greenhouse ownership.

Hydroponics: Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil. Instead, mineral nutrient solutions in water are used. There are certainly pros to this process (as well as some cons), and we will look into this emerging science.

The Little Green Schoolhouse: From kindergarten to post-secondary education, greenhouses can play a role in a student’s curricula. We will go into these programs, and why a classroom in a greenhouse can play an important role in education.

From the Greenhouse to the White House: Government – for good or for bad – plays a prominent role in owning a greenhouse. We will highlight how laws and rules, such as pesticide use, food prices, and land-use, will affect the value and usability of a greenhouse.

    • Rimol in the Community: Rimol Greenhouses is very active in the community, and we want to show you how these efforts can play a greater benefit to the people around us (and don’t be surprised if we call for your help!)

We are happy to be in the blogosphere, and look forward to hearing from you!