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Rimol Greenhouse Systems Nor’Easter Series: Performance & Durability

For those who live in New England, the words “we are bracing for another Nor’Easter” are said by local weather people all too often. This particular type of storm can be as powerful and as damaging as a small hurricane. If you are growing your livelihood in a greenhouse, do you want to leave this important piece of your operation to chance? Is your greenhouse up to the task of handling high winds, or a heavy snow load? Does your greenhouse have bracing at every bow to brace against high winds?

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The Nor’Easter is so named, because it is our strongest freestanding greenhouse! Our unique truss support system is designed to double the strength of every bow. Rimol greenhouses are built to last, and the Nor’Easter offers a level of durability that will keep your products safe in almost any conditions.  This greenhouse is the perfect solution for all of your planting needs. Whether you grow vegetables or ornamentals, the Nor’Easter will keep them safe with an unsurpassed level of flexibility. Based on your needs the height of the structure can be raised up to 2’ with extended ground posts. Additionally, extra purlins can be added to accommodate hanging baskets or crop supports without additional drilling. All Rimol greenhouses can be outfitted with optional ridge vents, roll up sides, additional ventilation and various heating options.

The Nor’Easter is also the perfect structure if you are considering a hydroponic greenhouse. With its rigid structure, variable heights and lengths this greenhouse is perfect for one of our hydroponic kits from our partners at American Hydroponics. With the addition of heating systems and mechanical ventilation, you can be growing all year long.

The Rimol Difference:

All of our products are designed and engineered to last, they are made of the toughest materials possible so that you can sleep at night knowing that your greenhouse will be safe from potentially damaging harsh weather conditions. As a leading manufacturer of greenhouse structures and systems, our customers have trusted us to provide them with quality greenhouses at an affordable price.

There is a reason that our customers continue to buy from Rimol Greenhouse Systems- our fantastic customer service, knowledgeable staff and quality products. As an industry leader, we at Rimol Greenhouse Systems continue to live up to the strong reputation that we have built for ourselves as a company.

There are enough uncertainties in agriculture, what structure is keeping your profits safe should not be one of them. With unpredictable weather conditions, varying crop prices, and ever changing markets, farmers have a lot to think about. Having the peace of mind that you have done everything possible to protect your investment is the Rimol difference.

With Rimol Greenhouse Systems as your partner, you can rest assured that your investment in our products will pay off for years to come. Offering durability, strength, and a dedicated customer support team a Nor’Easter greenhouse will be around for years to meet all of your greenhouse needs.

For more information about the Nor’Easter series, or any of our greenhouse products go to or call, (877) 746-6544.