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Get A Pro To Take On Your Toughest Builds

Plenty of our greenhouse systems are perfect for the home builder, offering an easy do-it-yourself project that most growers can handle on their own. We offer customers access to any and all instructional manuals they might need, as well as a handy guide on how to take on any basic greenhouse build yourself.

But for those larger projects, you might just need a little help getting everything together. When that time comes, Rimol can help you learn what to look for in a local builder who’s qualified to get your greenhouse up and operational in no time.

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5 Tips For Getting Your Greenhouse Up and Running

1. Measure Out Your Build, And Plan Out Your Grow System

Figuring out exactly what’s required for your greenhouse build can, and should, take some time - including heating systems, ventilation, and lighting as may be needed for your grow. Make sure your project matches your space and environmental needs - that way, you can know your greenhouse will fit just where you want it.

2. Shop Accordingly For Your Needs

Once you’ve planned out which equipment your build will require, it’s time to make your purchase. We can help determine which equipment will work best for your build, meaning you can be sure your greenhouse system will work seamlessly once built.

3. Prepare Your Site For Installation

As with any long-term project, your greenhouse needs a sturdy foundation to keep steady for years to come. Find flat ground with plenty of sunlight and prepare for construction to make your build easy from the word "go."

4. Keep Compliant With Taxes and Permits

While building your greenhouse might take a good deal of physical effort, the real challenge may just come with some paperwork. Make sure you’ve got all proper building permits and understand how a greenhouse may fall under your state’s taxation laws to avoid the headache when your build is up and running.

5. Start Building - And Reach Out For Assistance, If Needed

The work required to get your greenhouse project up and running can vary depending on the size and scope of your build. Take time to decide whether or not you can handle the build yourself - and don’t be afraid to reach out for help when needed.

We're Here to Help

If you need a professional to step in and offer some guidance, Rimol can connect you with a trusted builder near you. Contact us and we’ll help you get your project off the ground and growing.