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Design + Innovation

Design + Innovation

Superior Strength
& Craftsmanship

Greenhouse and wheelbarrow

Built With Better Engineering

Rimol greenhouses come solidly built out of excellent-quality materials and assembled right here in the USA. Building a sturdier, more durable greenhouse takes the expertise and professional experience that only comes from years in the industry, and a greenhouse from Rimol brings all that and more with it to your growing operation.

Greenhouse in the snow

Rugged Enough to Withstand Alaskan Winters

Our customers take on some of the toughest conditions around – from the sub-zero temperatures of an Alaskan winter to the high winds and heavy snow drifts found all along the Northeast. Our greenhouses are built to take on just about the worst of what the weather can throw at it and stay standing – meaning you can keep your grow going through the storm and all winter long.

Greenhouse thermostats

Take Control of Your Grow

Planning your grow in a Rimol greenhouse allows you to take control of your growing environment, providing the ideal climate for your plants to take off. Plus, with additional environment control equipment like heaters, fans, roll-up doors, and coverings all available at your discretion, you can truly build the greenhouse system that's right for you.

Greenhouse on wheels

Made For Easy Mobility

Year-round greenhouse growing requires a bit of flexibility when it comes to ground placement. Adding a mobile greenhouse, like Rimol’s Rolling Thunder™, gives growers the unique opportunity to reposition their greenhouses seasonally or as need be to better control the environment around certain crops and further extend the growing season.

Crops growing in a greenhouse

Designed With Your Evolving Needs in Mind

We've seen our customers use their greenhouse systems for just about every application out there: whether it's extending a growing season in harsh conditions for growing fresh crops and even beer hops, providing a space for a retail operation to spread out and grow, or even creating an efficient hydroponic system to show the benefits of conserving water on agriculture, we have a greenhouse to match your needs – even for those unconventional applications.

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