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A Year Round High Tunnel to Expand Your Growing Potential

The Bobcat is an affordable greenhouse designed for the small or beginner farmer, ideally to grow vegetables year round. Named for the highly-adaptable feline hunter native to the woods of North America, this customizable 16-foot wide, gothic-shaped high tunnel is available in several lengths up to 96’ long, and is highly compatible with several options and upgrades to adapt to your exact growing requirements. Featuring durable components and simple construction, the Bobcat provides the perfect environment for your crops, all year long.

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Features & Benefits
  • A strong, well-built high tunnel at an affordable price
  • Super easy to construct with a simple design and quality components
  • The bows are two pieces connected together with a sturdy ridge connector
  • Single ridge purlin with wind bracing adds necessary rigidity to the structure
  • Ground posts include a driver to easily secure structure into the ground for superior holding power
  • Extra sidewall height for efficient crop production

Base Package

  • Available in 3 different lengths (please, no special requests for other sizes).
  • Gothic shaped greenhouse with 4 ft. bow spacing, one ridge purlin & wind bracing
  • Steel is 1.315 OD, 17 ga.
  • Ground posts are 1.66 OD, 14 ga. 4 ft. long and are driven into the ground 2 ft. with a ground post driver that is supplied with the frame
  • Sidewall height is around 5 ft. before the curve begins. Peak height is around 11 ft.
  • Straps are included to attach a baseboard to the frame
  • Very resilient to wind and snow
  • Super easy and quick to assemble

Custom Options

Truss Support Option
  • Adding a truss support will double the strength of the greenhouse
  • Includes steel supports and hardware to attach to frame
  • Good for crop supports
  • Low cost for extra strength in climates with snow
End Wall Framing Option
  • 2 x 4 end wall brackets allow you to easily attach 2 x 4 lumber to end bows
  • Includes 16 bracket assemblies (8 per end)
  • Steel end wall framing is 1 ½” square steel for clean, permanent solution for end walls
  • Steel is field cut to configure your end walls to your specific design. Includes all brackets and hardware.
Ventilation Option
  • Roll-up sides include extra purlin pipe and all of the necessary hardware to convert the sides of your greenhouse for sidewall ventilation. A T-handle is the least expensive option for roll-up your sides
  • Roll-up sides with gearbox operator kits are our most common option since the gearboxes allow you to roll-up your sides much easier either with a handle or an adaptor.  This is the safest way of rolling up your sides since the gearbox has an internal brake that keeps the sides locked into place
  • Exhaust fans and intake louvers are an option if you are not around to monitor your cooling. There are two stages of cooling that are thermostatically controlled. This option requires 110v power to your greenhouse
Poly Fastening Option
  • Double wire lock is used with roll-up sides. It creates excellent holding power for your roof and roll-up sides and adds more rigidity to your greenhouse. It includes the wire lock base, the wires, and all necessary hardware to attach to your greenhouse
  • Single wire lock is used if you purchase fans and shutters. The wire lock includes the wire lock base, the wires and hardware.
  • Single wire lock for end walls is used if you have either regular or woven poly on your end walls. Enough wire lock is sent to attach your roof poly to the end bows and your end wall poly to your end wall framing.
  • Gable wire lock is used for either end walls with polycarbonate or wood. The gable wire lock is a special wire lock with a lip that overlaps the end bow materials to help seal out moisture and provide a more clean finish to your end wall construction.
Door Option
  • 4’ wide x 7’ high single sliding door made of aluminum and polycarbonate
  • Includes door track for sliding and guide rollers to keep door snug against greenhouse

Covering Options

* Select One

  • (1-4) Single poly for the roof and end walls is 6mil, 4-year clear greenhouse film
  • (2-4) Single poly for roof and woven poly is an upgrade for the ends with a reinforced woven material for the end walls that is more resilient to wind/weather
  • (3-4) Double poly for roof with woven poly for end walls includes both layers of film and an inflation kit that can be powered with an just an extension cord. A double layer of poly offers a few extra degrees of protection when growing in cooler temperatures
  • (4-4) Double poly for roof with polycarbonate end walls provides a permanent solution for your end walls that will last about 15-20 years that looks great and provides more insulation for your greenhouse

Want To Learn More?

To learn more about the Bobcat, including updates on the official release and special offers, please get in touch with us at or give us a call at (877) 746-6544