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Cannabis Greenhouses: Growing made easy.

Rimol Greenhouse Systems has been a leading greenhouse manufacturer for over 26 years. We know how cannabis is grown—and we’ll help you design a growing facility to meet your exact needs. Our commercial cannabis greenhouses are built to lower operating costs, increase overall quality, and bolster your production.

The key to success with our cannabis greenhouses is their comprehensive environmental control features, empowering growers with the tools they need to maintain an ideal environment during all 4 seasons. Our greenhouse systems will help control heating, cooling, CO 2, and air circulation. We also realize how crucial it is to ensure you have the right amount and quality of light, which is why our high-quality light deprivation systems are custom-made for each greenhouse. Our cannabis houses are available as free-standing or gutter connect style structures depending on the size of your operation.

Cannabis growers will also be able to nurture the highest-quality harvest possible no matter where they are. We work with iGrow to make sure all of these systems are easy to control, even from your mobile phone!

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Features & Benefits Of The Highpoint Nor’Easter Cannabis Greenhouse and the Highpoint Matterhorn Cannabis Greenhouse
  • The structure meets your building codes for snow, wind, seismic, etc. and you will be supplied with stamped engineering plans
  • All doors and coverings are tailored for Cannabis with black out doors and coverings with light diffusion
  • The cooling and ventilation is specialized for your exact climate and includes light traps
  • The heating system has high efficiency heaters, HAF fans for heat deposition, and CO2 generators
  • Our high quality light deprivation systems are custom made for each greenhouse
  • Our environmental control systems give you the utmost control with today’s technology

Custom Options

Highpoint Matterhorn Cannabis Greenhouse

Designed and built to meet your snow and wind load requirements. Easy to assemble with smart design throughout the entire construction process.

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Highpoint Nor’Easter Cannabis Greenhouse

Truss assembly with every set of bows enhances strength of greenhouse and allows equipment such as lights to be mounted to framework. Longer ground posts create a sidewall height of about 6 feet before the curve begins on the greenhouse.

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