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Exact environmental control is critical to efficient cannabis production. Making sure you have the right amount and quality of light will greatly impact your harvest. Our greenhouse systems will help you control heating, cooling, CO 2, air circulation, and lighting. We also work with iGrow to make sure all of these systems are easy to control, even from your mobile phone! We sell free-standing or gutter connect style greenhouses depending on the size of your operation.

At Rimol Greenhouses, we know how cannabis is grown. We'll help you design a growing facility to meet your exact needs.

Features & Benefits

  • Stamped engineering plans for your building permit
  • Higher side walls, about 6 ft. before the curve on the greenhouse beings
  • Steel-framed end walls
  • Insulated rigid polycarbonate for the end walls
  • (2) lockable pre-installed, insulated steel doors
  • Double-poly or woven single-poly supplied for the roof with all wire lock and accessories
  • Mechanical ventilation with an evaporative cooling system (wet wall)
  • High efficiency gas fired (propane or natural gas) heaters
  • Heater hanger and vent pipe assembly
  • Internal air circulation fans
  • Automated internal black-out system, includes: All components to black-out end walls Fans & shutters with light traps Automated black-out curtain
  • iGrow Panel Controls with integrated mobile app
  • CO2 generator with a control package