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Highpoint Nor’Easter Cannabis Greenhouse

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Structure & Framework
  • Stamped engineering plans included with purchase to obtain your building permit.
  • 2 ft. bow spacing meets most snow and wind loads. If there are higher load requirements, we can add more structural components to increase loads.
  • Bows are 1.90”, 13 ga. Galvanized steel tubing with gothic design with 6:12 roof pitch to easily shed snow.
  • Truss assembly with every set of bows enhances strength of greenhouse and allows equipment such as lights to be mounted to framework.
  • 5 purlins and wind bracing included for rigidity.
  • Longer ground posts create a side wall height of about 6 feet before the curve begins on the greenhouse.
  • Strong 2” square steel framing for end walls that allow equipment to be mounted easily.

Doors & Covering

  • One set of 4’ wide x 7’ high double hung aluminum black-out doors allows for 8 ft. wide opening, and one 3’ wide x 7’ high single hung aluminum black-out door. Both doors lockable.
  • End walls are covered with light blocking polycarbonate. This is for blacking out your greenhouse on the end walls and maintaining an excellent seal for heat retention.
  • Two layers of 6 mil polyethylene film with 4 year warranty with all wire lock and inflation components included.
  • Inner layer of the film is IR anti-drip film which allows for heat retention at night in colder months and reduces condensation dripping in cooler months.
  • 2 rolls of greenhouse repair tape included.


Doors (1).jpg

Cooling & Ventilation

  • All ventilation equipment carefully sized to meet the exact needs of your greenhouse cooling requirements
  • All fans and shutters are high efficiency equipment with long lasting components that meet OSHA requirements.
  • 3 stages of ventilation allow for precise cooling during all four seasons
  • 4 stages of ventilation with evaporative cooling available as an option
  • Light traps included for all equipment.


Cooling & Ventilation

Heating System

  • 2 Reznor high efficiency heaters meet your maximum heating requirements. Heater, heater hanger and vent pipe kit all included.
  • Power vented heater is highly efficient compared to conventional heaters
  • No standing pilot flame. Direct spark ignition on all heaters.
  • All components are totally enclosed within cabinet
  • Integrated circuit board with diagnostic indicator lights
  • 5 year warranty


Reznor Heater.jpg

Reznor Heater 2.jpg

Horizontal Air Flow (HAF) Fans

  • 4 to 8 HAF fans per greenhouse depending on length provide excellent air movement within the growing environment.
  • Fans maintain even heat distribution during cooler months so there are no hotspots in the greenhouse.
  • Internal ventilation greatly reduces airborne pathogens and possibility of diseases
  • Mounting brackets included
  • OSHA certified
  • 2 year warranty


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Light Deprivation System

  • Completely automated motorized light dep. System
  • Located on outside of the greenhouse with weather proof, long lasting resilient materials and totally enclosed motors provides more room for your crops and supplemental lighting.
  • Durable 2” roll-bars on both sides of the greenhouse roll from ground to peak
  • 2 layer inflated light seal creates an air “pillow” that adds pressure to closed curtain, assuring total darkness within the greenhouse.
  • Timed controller with manual override included

CO2 Generation

  • CO2 generator included gives you more rapid and efficient growth
  • Better plant quality
  • CO2 levels automatically maintained with environmental controller



Environmental Control System

  • Link 4 I Grow 800 control system includes controller, contactor panel and all sensors
  • Maintain both day and night temperature set-points
  • Precise control of your growing environment for temperature, humidity and CO2
  • Saves you money on electric costs by staging equipment and timed delays with certain equipment to reduce unnecessary cycling
  • Phone app available for easy monitoring of your greenhouse


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