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Hydroponic growing is growing a plant without using soil - usually in an inert substance like rockwool or perlite, which hold the roots for easy water and nutrient absorption. Hydroponics systems back several hundred years, and there is evidence that ancient civilizations grew plants in water. Nutrients are vital to hydroponic success: there are sixteen essential elements that a plant needs to grow, and the right balance of these nutrients must be maintained for each specific variety of plants. Equally as important as nutrition are the factors of light, temperature (heating and cooling), and carbon dioxide. Insects play a key role in pollination and pest management. When you combine all of these factors, you create the controlled environment necessary for a hydroponic greenhouse.

Hydroponic systems offer growers benefits like increased plant productivity, a high yield per plant per square foot and fresh produce regardless of season or ground temperature. Today, there are many varieties of plants grown hydroponically which serve many different market segments, including farm stands, grocery stores, restaurants, processing plants and institutions. Hydroponic operations can vary in size from small operations (less than 1,000 square feet) to large operations farming many acres.

At Rimol Greenhouse Systems, we believe that hydroponics will be the next big trend in growing due to the rising global population, climate change, the desire for healthier lifestyles, and the increase in food-borne diseases as a result of conventional farming practices. Rimol Greenhouses has strategically partnered with American Hydroponics to provide customers the highest quality greenhouses with exceptional hydroponic systems. We take an individual approach with every customer to design and build each specific greenhouse, factoring in your crop type, location and overall budget. Our experienced sales professionals will closely assess your needs to determine what type of structure is best suited for you, and then we'll outfit your greenhouse with the right environmental control systems. Contact us and let us be a part of your plan to succeed and meet tomorrow's agricultural demands, today.

Features & Benefits
  • Northpoint or Nor'Easter style greenhouse
  • Includes framing steel and hardware for each end wall
  • 4' × 6' × 8'' insulated, lockable pre-hung door(s)
  • Each end wall has 8mm triple wall polycarbonate, and all hardware is included
  • Double layer of 6 mil, UV treated polyethylene film plus inflation kit and wire lock system for attaching poly to the greenhouse
  • The inside layer of film is the IR/Anti-Condensate style film for energy savings and drip reduction
  • Exhaust fans, intake louvers for 3 stages of cooling and ventilation of the greenhouse
  • One or two high efficiency LP or natural gas heaters with heater hanger kit, vent pipe assembly and thermostat
  • HAF fans also included for air movement within the greenhouse (Grower, Grower Plus and Elite Grower Packages only)
  • Insect screening for an isolation area for entry into the greenhouse for one end wall (Elite Grower Package only)
  • Environmental controller complete with relay box for controlling heating, cooling and air circulation within the greenhouse (Grower Plus and Elite Grower Packages only)

Base Package

  • Framing steel and hardware for each end wall
  • Each end wall has 8mm triple wall polycarbonate and all hardware is included
  • Double layer of 6 Mil, UV treated polyethylene film plus inflation kit and wire lock system for attaching poly to the greenhouse
  • Please Note: Price does not include installation or hydroponic systems

Rimol has Partnered with AmHydro


AmHydro has been designing and building energy and water efficient hydroponic systems, blending plant foods and biostimulants for over 25 years.