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A Growing House & Retail House

The Northpoint Series is the ultimate in freestanding greenhouses, developed as one of the original Rimol Greenhouses and designed for multi-functional use as both a growing and retail space. The Northpoint has exceptional versatility, and can withstand harsh snow and wind loads seen in all areas of the country.

Features & Benefits
  • Available in 22' and 26' widths
  • 4' or 6' bow spacing
  • Bows are 1.66'', 14 ga. galvanized steel tubing
  • There is a truss assembly with every bow, resulting in unmatched strength
  • 3 purlins for the 22' and 26' greenhouse
  • Purlins connect to the bows using a cross connector system which prevents unnecessary drilling into the bow
  • Truss supports allow for additional purlin pipe to be hung for hanging baskets
  • Wind bracing kits included with all greenhouses
  • Can be raised with the extended ground posts option
  • Additional purlin pipe is available for hanging basket runs
  • Engineering meets International Building Code (IBC)

Base Package

  • Pre-drilled steel frame
  • Hardware & instructions
  • 2' × 4' end wall framing brackets
  • Double layer of 6 mil, 4 year, clear polyethylene film
  • Wire lock for the roof only
  • Inflation blower

Custom Options


The frame includes all of the steel tubing pre-drilled, all hardware and ground post driver. Does not include baseboard or end wall framing materials.

Roof Covering

The roof covering includes two layers of poly, wire lock for along the sides and an inflation kit.

Poly End Walls

Poly end walls include enough poly for a single layer and wire lock to fasten poly to end walls.

Polycarbonate End Walls

Polycarbonate end walls include twin wall clear polycarbonate, all extrusions, hardware and gable wire lock.

Mechanical Ventilation

Mechanical ventilation includes an exhaust fan(s), shutters and necessary thermostats to control all equipment.

Roll-Up Sides

Roll-up sides include roll pipe, hardware and gear box operators for 2 roll-up sides.

Gas Heat

The gas heat option includes a Reznor high efficiency heater, HAF fans to facilitate even heat distribution, a heater hanger, a vent pipe kit all necessary thermostats to control the equipment.

Additional Options

You can either frame your ends with our 2 ft. x 4ft. end wall framing brackets or purchase metal end wall framing kits.