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American Hydroponics

Arcata, CA
American Hydroponics

Sun Circle Inc, dba American Hydroponics is an original equipment manufacturer (since 1984) located on the Northern California coast among the redwood forests where the air is clean, the water pure and earthquakes are plentiful. They operate 3 local business units, Water Planet, (a retail garden center), AmHydro Wholesale, (a manufacturing facility involved with injection molding, thermoforming of plastic growing equipment, fabrication of steel benching, formulation of nutrients and amendments) products are wholesaled to over 500 retailers in North America. AmHydro Commercial, (focused on manufacturing, designing and building commercial hydroponic growing systems that are sold and supported nationally and internationally).

In 1995, American Hydroponics formed an alliance with Stocker Horticulture of New Zealand and Accent Hydroponics of Australia, (world leaders in recirculating commercial hydroponic systems), and began designing and installing hydroponic systems in the US using the NZ models in greenhouses. They manufacture a proprietary growing channel (made from 100%, FDA approved HDPE, high density polyethylene) and currently have 100’s of commercial growers in the US and abroad using their growing systems, nutrients, designs and support. They are currently one of the leaders in the field of recirculating hydroponic systems here in the US.

American Hydroponics

There are 1.2 million acres of prime farmland in the US being erased by suburban sprawl yearly and fresh water supplies are being depleted and contaminated at an alarming rate. Since 75% of all available fresh water is used for agriculture, water savings in that area would make a significant impact on the conservation of available supplies. Given this situation, it is clear to American Hydroponics that the current model of agriculture cannot be sustained. Water must be conserved, reused, and recirculated at every point of use.

Recirculating hydroponics is ‘the most’ efficient method of vegetable production. It uses one-tenth the water, a fraction of the minerals and one-fourth the space as traditional agriculture. For high volume consumable crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbages, peppers, lettuce and herbs, recirculating hydroponics is by far the most efficient method of plant cultivation given the environmental constraints we now face.

Hydroponic systems do well on ‘any’ ground, especially in controlled environment greenhouses erected in or near population centers. Thus food distribution miles are eliminated, freshness and nutritional value are achieved and food once again becomes the product of a local community rather than an agribusiness in some other state.

American Hydroponics

American Hydroponics participates in a number of communities: business, farming, political, environmental and volunteer. They assert that being active in local communities is an effective means to improve the world. It is where they have power to take actions consistent with the future in which we want our children and grandchildren to live.

Their mission is to provide the tools and know-how to empower farmers in communities to grow nutritious produce while minimizing impact on the environment and deliver it fresh, locally. Growing food locally makes sense. Since their systems grow large volumes of produce in very small areas, growers can make a decent living and the community prospers.

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