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Ed Alexander - Sol Cannabis

New Washoe City, NV

For growers and producers finding their footing in the quickly-expanding field of cannabis, keeping up with demand has become key to continued success.

That’s because the demand for cannabis is always growing, and always changing. Whereas cannabis consumers in decades past may have only looked for potency and quantity, many more consumers now look for much more hard-to-define attributes - like flavor, odor, color, and overall quality.

That makes growing cannabis to meet modern demands a challenging task, and it’s one growers like Ed Alexander have been dedicated to meeting head-on.

For Alexander and his entire team at Sol Cannabis, a locally-owned and operated vertically integrated cannabis facility, producing the best-quality cannabis product requires a highly-specialized growing environment. That means controlling everything from light levels to humidity, CO2, and temperatures.

By utilizing his Rimol greenhouse, Alexander and Sol Cannabis have managed to craft the ideal growing environment for exactly the kind of cannabis they want to produce. We chatted with Alexander to learn more about his process, and why his team puts so much value in the growing environment when it comes to producing the best possible product.

A Product That Stands Above The Crowd

If the name isn’t a dead giveaway, Sol Cannabis prides themselves on being an organic, sunlight-grown cannabis producer. While that may seem natural, it’s actually a bit more of an outlier in the cannabis space than you may think.

Decades of prohibition have pushed many cannabis growers indoors, and most of the commercial crop is now grown under supplemental indoor lighting. Now, however, with legalization sweeping across the US, some growers are exploring the benefits of using full-spectrum sunlight to grow their cannabis crop - and Sol Cannabis is right at the forefront of that movement.

Much like many fruit and vegetable growers experimenting with natural sunlight, Alexander has spent years analyzing the effects of full-spectrum sunlight on the cannabis crop. When compared with other genetically-identical crops grown under only artificial lighting, Alexander says that his cannabis can pack significantly higher terpene levels (read: flavor, aroma, and “artisanal quality”).

In the eyes of many consumers, the higher terpene levels present in Alexander’s sun-grown cannabis adds a highly desirable - and hard-to-find - element that can command a more favorable price point for the grower.

“Sol Cannabis has become the only dispensary in Nevada to not even list our cannabis crops’ THC levels, said Alexander, discussing how he has set his product apart from the competition on the shelves. “Instead, we focus on terpene levels and other cannabinoids as a method of drawing in those more discerning cannabis consumers, and being able to control those factors is critical to providing a high-quality product.”

In order to achieve this high quality, Alexander needed a greenhouse that can offer the perfect environment to minimize waste and maximize growing opportunities - and his newest Rimol greenhouse, the third he has purchased to date, helps him to achieve just that.

Sol Is Better 1.JPG

Creating A Unique Growing Environment

In order to provide the ideal growing environment for such a particular end product, Alexander and the Sol Cannabis team needed a way to balance the natural ebb and flow of sunlight with the careful, precise measurements needed to keep cannabis plants healthy and growing strong.

By outfitting his Rimol greenhouse with a variety of automated environmental control systems, Alexander crafted a growing environment that can maximize the effects of outdoor growing while preserving the security and control of an indoor grow.

Take his lighting system, for example: designed to allow as much sunlight as possible in during the proper growing periods, Alexander’s Rimol greenhouse features a fully-automated blackout system to ensure complete control over the intensity and length of sunlight exposure on his plants.

And because short winter days do not provide quite as much sunlight as the summer, supplemental lighting is installed to offer that extra boost of light without completely removing all of the benefits of full-spectrum sunlight.

Similarly, an automated moisture control system paired with automated ventilation helps to keep the growing environment within the greenhouse as close to ideal conditions as possible. By controlling temperature, humidity, and light levels, Alexander and the Sol Cannabis team are able to control quality better than the average outdoor grower.

Forging A Trusted Partnership

While quality and consistency may be the name of the game when it comes to growing cannabis crops, Alexander and Sol Cannabis also focus a major part of their attention on environmental impact - and in order to keep that under control, they needed a smart solution from a trusted industry partner.

“We really take an environmental stewardship approach to our grow - working to minimize our environmental footprint, maximize our efficiency, and eliminate exterior contamination,” said Alexander. “Our Rimol Greenhouse allowed us to really control costs and minimize our environmental footprint.”

That’s why we were so happy to see Sol Cannabis harvest their first successful cannabis crop from their newest greenhouse this past November - adding yet another amazing growing space to three others bearing our Rimol stamp next to the Sol Cannabis logo, marking Alexander’s third purchase from us since 2009.

“Even though this isn’t our first greenhouse, we still ran into a few challenges during the construction process - but we could count on Rimol to be responsive to those issues and offer advice when we needed it,” said Alexander.” “We got a sense of who Bob Rimol and his team were from the very beginning, and I would never look at another manufacturer for our greenhouses in the future.”

Whether you’re an experienced cannabis grower like Alexander or just looking to get into your first growing season, we’ve got the cannabis greenhouse and high tunnel equipment needed to get your grow going on the right foot. Get in touch and see what we can do to get you outfitted and ready for success.

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