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Flipside Farm

Longmont, CO
Flipside Farm

Meet Simon & Hannah DeHerrera

In 2012, Hannah DeHerrera and her husband, Simon DeHerrera, co-founded Flipside Farm, a three acre, small scale provider of local, year-round vegetables in Boulder County, CO.

Hannah’s love for farming, however, dates back to her childhood on her Grandmother’s and Uncle’s traditional hay farm in Longmont, CO. There, she ran her own backyard gardens while growing up and eventually, she went on to take a Master’s Gardeners course at Colorado State University’s Cooperative Extension Program.

Prior to starting Flipside Farm, Hannah also read everything she could about renowned organic farmer, Eliot Coleman from his books about small scale farming and his work with Rimol Greenhouse Systems. It was then that Hannah became inspired by the idea that everyone has the potential to become a four-season farmer.

Flipside Farm

“I always wanted a farm of my own and when my uncle generously offered three acres of his farm in Longmont to my husband and I, we decided to take that opportunity to open Flipside Farm,” Hannah DeHerrera said.

Hannah and her husband Simon decided to use Rimol Greenhouse Systems’ “Rolling Thunder”™ movable greenhouse (20 X 48) in order to produce vegetables year-round. Over a year later, Flipside Farm serves as a community supported agriculture farm, providing a list of vegetable options for people in the Boulder County, CO community.

“We have had no problems with the “Rolling Thunder”™ greenhouse whatsoever. It’s perfect for what I need and it’s incredibly easy,” Hannah said. “Even my Grandma who lives next door on the property can’t believe I’m still picking vegetables in the thick of winter.”

Flipside Farm

Not long after purchasing their Rimol Greenhouse structures, the couple also installed solar panels onto their greenhouses to power their fans and eventually their water system.

Today, Hannah manages the farm while also holding down a part-time job and raising two young children. Hannah and her husband also plan to buy more “Rolling Thunder”™ greenhouses for their ‘urban farm’, a half acre privately-leased plot of land in the center of Longmont, CO. The two hope to have their ‘urban farm’ running by the summer 2014.

To learn more about Flipside Farm, visit their Facebook page.