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Osborne's Agway

Belmont, NH
Osborne's Agway

Rimol Greenhouse Systems: The Greenhouse of Choice for Osborne’s Agway

BELMONT and HOOKSETT, NH (Sept. 27, 2012) – Rimol Greenhouse Systems of Hooksett, NH, manufacturer of commercial greenhouses, is the greenhouse of choice for Osborne’s Agway at its third New Hampshire store, a multi-purpose home and garden center in Belmont, NH. Osborne’s, a two-generation family company, whose farming roots in New Hampshire go back to the Revolutionary War, opened their Winnisquam-area store in April, and installed a Matterhorn Greenhouse at its location.

Tom Osborne, general manager of the Osborne’s Agway stores and son of David and Louise Osborne, said the family is very happy with their Rimol greenhouses, and it fits with the décor and function of the store. “We like the Matterhorn because of its natural ventilation and the attractive style,” Osborne said. “The greenhouses give us the space to grow, which is important.”

The Matterhorn series stands alone as the most attractive and rugged, traditional-style, gutter-connected greenhouse. The Matterhorn greenhouse is a high-quality, strong and attractive structure ideally suited for garden centers, especially in the Northern New England climates, because it can withstand the heavy snow and wind loads that are common in this region.

Osborne's Agway

This is important for the Osborne family, as their three home and garden centers – including the original store, which opened 25 years ago in Hooksett, NH; the same town as Rimol’s world headquarters – are year-round stores. "We need a rugged greenhouse, one that we know will last us through the winters," said Osborne, who has two, 24 x 30 Matterhorn model greenhouses at the store, as well as Rimol greenhouses on the family farm in Loudon, NH. "The greenhouses also give us flexibility to expand as necessary."

Some of the features of the greenhouse include:

  • Easy assembly, beginning with starter column installation, with a four-foot starter column used for setting the lower section of the column, then the remaining length of column is spliced for an easy installation;
  • A non-welded truss that goes through thorough quality assurance when assembled;
  • Extra purlins near the gutter, which provides additional snow load support; and
  • Large 12-gallon steel gutters, allowing easy access to roof and downspouts, and designed to be located anywhere in gutter for maximum flexibility.

“There’s a reason this is such a popular greenhouse,” owner Bob Rimol said. “When we build the Matterhorn, we have companies like Osborne’s in mind. They are a New Hampshire tradition, and their reputation and product are as valuable as the Agway name. Therefore, they need a product that meets their high standards. I am proud to be associated with Osborne’s Agway.”

About Osborne’s Agway

Osborne's Agway

Since 1776, the Osborne family has been farming the rocky soil of New Hampshire. David and Louise Osborne milked cows at their hilltop farm in Loudon until 1986. After making the tough decision to sell the cows, they embarked upon a new adventure, opening their first Agway store in Hooksett in 1987.

In 2000, the Osbornes acquired the Concord store, which had been a company-owned Agway store for many years. The store was relocated from Commercial Street to a new facility on Sheep Davis Road in 2002. And their third store, in Belmont, opened in April 2012.

The Osbornes still operate the farm in Loudon full time. Products produced at the farm are marketed through the stores, such as hay, firewood, bedding plants, perennials, fall mums, and pumpkins just to name a few.