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Scrambled Acres

Edwards, CO
Scrambled Acres

Just as the name implies, an assortment of things happen at Scrambled Acres, located in Edwards Colorado, just to the west of Vail. Edwards is a resort community surrounded by ski areas with plenty of activities for outdoor enthusiasts. Scrambled Acres grows both vegetables and ornamental plants as and provides excavating services and landscape supplies which are in high demand to their local customer base.

Since the growing season is so short at the higher elevation, Scrambled Acres does some high tunnel growing and field growing. Many of the vegetables grown are cool season crops, that restaurants demand. They also grow some warm season crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers, but even in their high tunnels, the window of harvest time is much shorter than the typical grower due to their climate. To maximize every square foot of the farm, they also do some field growing including hops for a local micro brewery.

Scrambled Acres

The other side of the farm has several cold frames set up to grow and over winter perennials, which is mostly sold to local landscapers that plant and maintain gardens for many of the exclusive vacation homes in the area. In addition, to perennial growing, they grow some annuals and supply landscape materials.

Scrambled Acres is owned and operated by Casey and Katie Langdon who each bring unique expertise. Katie is primarily focused on the growing, while Casey works with the landscapers and also does excavating.

Their philosophy is rooted in sustainability. On the farm, they heat with a wood burning furnace. The wood burning furnace does require a great deal of time and labor to manage, but it has paid off with fuel savings. Since they are located at the base of the mountains, a water ditch fills a pond that is used for irrigation. There is also a small amount of hydroelectric energy derived from the flowing water that helps offset electric costs.

Scrambled Acres has developed a productive environmentally responsible farm. Katie and Casey’s philosophies of farm management have helped them to grow on a small amount of acreage in a difficult climate. They have plans to expand the farm, and add more greenhouses to maximize its full potential. Scrambled Acres is proof that with proper planning and management, you can do a lot good growing on a small amount of land to maximize productivity.

Scrambled Acres