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How to Select a Greenhouse

Many Different Greenhouse Styles in Various Sizes

Rimol Greenhouse Systems offer several greenhouse series, each one has their own specific features and benefits. All of our greenhouse series have been designed to meet a variety of challenges based on the needs of the user. Depending on your climate and the type of crops you will be growing, one series may be better than another for you. Although it may seem overwhelming, this decision can be made simple with proper planning.


What is the intended use of this greenhouse?

Horticultural Use
  • Includes retail greenhouses, nurseries, farm stands, wholesale growing and florists
  • All Rimol Greenhouses can be dressed up to use as retail greenhouses
  • High tunnel greenhouse for growing fruits and vegetables are available in 18’ Eastpoint, 20’ Eastpoint, 22’ Northpoint, 26’ Northpoint, 30’ Nor’Easter
Agricultural Use
  • Includes High Tunnels (NRCS Program), Hydroponics (AmHydro) and organic vegetables (Rolling Thunder)
  • High Tunnels come in a variety of different sizes for all kinds of growing
  • Rimol has partnered with AmHydro to provide greenhouses with hydroponic systems
  • AmHydro has packages for a 22’ x 28’ Northpoint, 30’ x 48’ Nor’Easter, 30’ x 96’ Nor’Easter, or 30’ x 144’ Nor’Easter
  • Rimol Greenhouse Systems' Rolling Thunder greenhouse is a state-of-the-art, moveable greenhouse that can be used for organic growing
  • The Matterhorn greenhouse is typically the most popular for schools
  • Matterhorn meets or exceeds most building code requirements
  • Free standing polycarbonate greenhouse can also be used for schools


What type of climate/environment are you in?

If you are experiencing heavy snow or wind loads:
  • Rimol Greenhouses can meet most snow or wind loads
Is this your first greenhouse? Would you like something fairly simple and easy to construct?
  • The Eastpoint, Catamount and Matterhorn are great starter greenhouses because they are available in smaller sizes and are very easy to assemble.
Would you like a free-standing greenhouse or a lean-to style?
  • The Matterhorn greenhouse is available in a lean-to style in 10’, 12’ and 15’ widths.

What size would you like/how much space do you need?

After selecting the site for your greenhouse, decide how much space you have available to build on. Then, select a size that will be appropriate for your needs depending on what you will be using the greenhouse for. Different types of greenhouses are available in different standard sizes. Find which greenhouses are available in the size you would like.


Greenhouse Type

Widths Available

Lengths Available


20’ 24’ 30’

From 24' to 144', most common lengths in increments of 12'


30’ 34’

From 48' to 144', most common lengths in increments of 4'. We also have 5' bow spacing


22’ 26’

From 48' to 144', most common lengths in increments of 4'. We also have 5' bow spacing


18’ 20’

From 48' to 144', most common lengths in increments of 4'. We also have 5' bow spacing



From 48' to 144', most common lengths in increments of 4'. We also have 5' bow spacing

Rolling Thunder

18’ 20’ 22’ 26’ 30’

24’ 48’ 72’ 96’

What is your price range?

  • Price is affected by the size and type of the greenhouse.
  • Each greenhouse offers different packages and options.
  • Be sure to budget costs for construction, water, gas, electric, accessories, etc.
  • After determining your final budget, decide which greenhouse and package is right for you and your project.