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My Passion. My Journey. My Rimol Greenhouse.

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Troy's Landscape Supply - Cohoes, NY

Back in 1980, Troy Miller began a landscaping supply business by renting some property and a small building on a local vegetable farm in the Albany, New York area.  Little did Troy know that today, his business would grow into an iconic landmark in a new location with a solid reputation as far as 50 miles in every direction.

Business was not always easy for Troy in his former location.  There were no greenhouses, space was limited for trucks to load, and the building was small.  However, despite these obstacles, Troy established a great reputation in the garden center and re-wholesale landscape trades.  In the 90’s, Troy knew he had to take the plunge and relocate his business to keep up with the growth and demand in the surrounding towns.

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In 2000, Troy purchased 25 acres of land in Cohoes, New York on Route 9 and began construction of his new facility.  His new location included a garden center building, a 3-bay Rimol Matterhorn Greenhouse and another building for the landscape trades.  Troy’s opened up in the spring of 2001 with a splash.

Over the last decade, Troy has expanded very aggressively.  Troy’s 3-bay greenhouse is now a 12 bay Rimol Matterhorn Greenhouse. There are also about 20,000 square feet of Rimol Shade Structures and free-standing Rimol Greenhouses for growing and over-wintering.  Troy’s employees have been loyal and diligent over the years.  Some employees have been with him since the business began in 1980 which is testimony of good management and being able to run a “lean ship.

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Today, Troy’s Landscape Supply grows bedding plants, mums, poinsettias and perennials; they have a full garden center business; and they have a complete re-wholesale business catering to landscape professionals and construction companies.  Troy’s knows that his customer base can be diverse, with this diversity comes experimenting in what Troy’s grows and sells.  For example, this year you will find some blue poinsettias in the greenhouse as well as unique hard goods such as statues and fountains.

Future plans for Troy’s includes expanding with some more greenhouse space for houseplants and growing, and adding some more structures to remain efficient as the Albany area continues to grow.  Troy’s is destination for thousands of customers every year and will continue to flourish with their outstanding presentation and performance.

To learn more about our greenhouses, feel free to contact us today!

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